Cameron Allen - 8 Finger Tapping Lick

Posted Tue, Mar 3, 2015 by Levi Clay

In this lick the incredible Cameron Allen shows us some of his 8 finger tapping technique. Let's check that out first.

Now keen eyed viewers may be shouting at the screen, "he's not using all 8 fingers, so it's not 8 finger tapping!!!" and you'd be half right. While Cameron is not using all 8 fingers, it's the same as calling the tremolo bar a tremolo despite the fact it's actually not actually tremolo, it's vibrato. 7 finger tapping doesn't have the same ring as 8 finger tapping, neither does "multi finger tapping" so it's standard to just refer to playing with both hands as 8 finger tapping.

the 8 finger tapping technique isn't anything new, and it's been absolutely mastered by players like Stanley Jordan and T.J. Helmerich, and has proven to be a great tool in the playing of guys like Cameron and Daniele Gottardo, why not check them out and see if it's something you think you might want to use.


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