Cameron Allen - LickLibrary Lesson

Posted Tue, Jan 6, 2015 by Levi Clay

One of the best parts of operating the Guitar Idol competition is that we get to see some of the most exciting young talented players in the world, and noone had us as wowed as the incredible Cameron Allen.

Cameron is going to be a big part of LickLibrary this year and that starts with this little teaser lesson where he walks us through some of the way he likes to combine arpeggios for more harmonically rich sounds.

So before we try and learn a lick like that, the first step would be to sit and learn the fingerings of each arpeggio

It's incredibly important to not just learn these as shapes, focus on how similar they are in terms of the intervals. When you know the minor 7 arpeggio, the minor 7 flat 5 arpeggio is the same but with a flattened 5th. We can't stress the importance of knowing where the intervals are when you're playing.

Next up is getting to grips with the basic mechanics of the lick. So in the following example we have the lower part of the Dmaj7 arpeggio and shifting up to the upper part of the F#m7. There's a lot going on here, and that position shift needs care, but take it slowly because it's a big part of the lick.

Last up is the full lick. There's a lot to digest here with sweep picked arpeggios, tapping and string skipping so take it slowly and never find yourself lost in the positions.

We have a lot more planned with Cameron, so make sure you stay subscribed to LickLibrary and Cameron's channels so you don't miss the amazing stuff coming up.

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