George Marios - Insane Picking

Posted Wed, Apr 8, 2015 by Levi Clay

As a teacher, I'm often met with the argument from students that they "don't have any natural talent" and that that's a good reason for them to give up. I always find that rather insulting, because everyone I've ever met who does this for a living has felt the same at one point or another, but we've got there through 1000s of hours sat working on our craft. There's no such thing as natural talent, noone picks up a guitar and can just play it... but every now and then you meet someone who makes you question everything you think you know.

Check out this video of George Marios doing what he affectionately calls his "cheap Guthrie imitation"

George is fast, like seriously fast, and while he's certainly practised the guitar a lot to learn what he does, that level of speed comes across as more of a genetic thing. Let's put it this way, I can teach you to run, and with practice you'll build technique and stamina until you can run a marathon, but it takes something else entirely to be able to do the 100m dash at Olympic level.

Don't let that put you off though, because it's not all about speed, George actually has some really interesting finger patterns that can be adapted to work at any speed, so take a look at them.

When playing fast, George is essentially tremolo picking but with high accuracy, but it's certainly not the sort of thing you could slow down. The hand is pulsating like the wings of a humming bird, and the fretting hand just tries to keep up. This takes practice for sure, but if you want something insane to throw in a solo, this might just be the trick for you!


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