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Ultimate Guitar Techniques: Pentatonic Concepts

Ultimate Guitar Techniques: Pentatonic Concepts

Video Format - PAL + NTSC   ?


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Code: RDR0278       Artist: Alex Machacek

Media: DVD       Video format(s): PAL + NTSC

Product genre(s): Technique       

Skill level(s): Intermediate to Advanced

EIN Number: 5060088823033


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  • #1 Guest (Tuesday October 02, 2012 @ 23:17)

    PlanB gots it all wrong. Bass guitar and Guitar is not an easy insneumrtt to learn like people choose to think if they wish to master or push themselves to play better.Bass is nothing like guitar other than it has strings and is tuned close to a guitar.Bass guitars can go from 4 strings (traditional) to 38 strings. The traditional stringed bass guitar is tuned G,D,A,E or the 5 string goes G,D,A,E,B, and Six string bass guitars go G,D,A,E,B,GYou can tune them differently but for learning you keep them in the traditional Standard tuning of ANow when you play Bass guitar you actually keep Rhythm and Beat for the music. You can do bass breaks into solos but you gotta actually recognize the bass guitar to be that gap of percussion into string insneumrtt.Bass will come quicker to you if you already know how to hold a guitar, and do the scales. The scales are the same but I suggest you learn how to play with your fingers to give a good deep low tones. Some bass guitarist play with picks but it limits you to what you can actually do on bass.Bass is actually a very tecnical insneumrtt and a very fun insneumrtt.Take a try and see how you like it.


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