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  • Steve Vai at the London Palladium: Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary Tour - June 2, 2016

    Thu 2 Jun 2016 | Jonathan Graham | Comments
    Steve Vai at the London Palladium | Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary Tour | June 2 - 2016 | Live Review Steve Vai has had many memorable shows in the UK’s capital city during his solo career. Highlights include his December 2001 shows a...

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  • George Marios - Insane Picking

    Wed 8 Apr 2015 | Levi Clay | Comments
    As a teacher, I'm often met with the argument from students that they "don't have any natural talent" and that that's a good reason for them to give up. I always find that rather insulting, because everyone I've ever met wh...

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  • Yiannis Papadopoulos Lydian Arpeggio

    Sat 4 Apr 2015 | Levi Clay | Comments
    In this lick, Greek virtuoso Yiannis Papadopoulos gives us a slick lick bringing some lydian flavour to a Gmaj7 chord. The lydian mode in the 4th mode of the major scale, but details life that are actually irrelevant in the bigger picture. Th...

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  • Cameron Allen - 8 Finger Tapping Lick

    Tue 3 Mar 2015 | Levi Clay | Comments
    In this lick the incredible Cameron Allen shows us some of his 8 finger tapping technique. Let's check that out first. Now keen eyed viewers may be shouting at the screen, "he's not using all 8 fingers, so it's not 8 finger t...

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  • Cameron Allen - Jimmy Herring Bending Lick

    Wed 4 Feb 2015 | Levi Clay | Comments
    In this short little lesson, Cameron digs into one of the trademarks North Carolina born guitar monster Jimmy Herring. Aside from the more obvious gigs that Jimmy is known for like Widespread Panic and the Aquarium Rescue Unit, Jimmy also had a s...

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  • Cameron Allen - LickLibrary Lesson

    Tue 6 Jan 2015 | Levi Clay | Comments
    One of the best parts of operating the Guitar Idol competition is that we get to see some of the most exciting young talented players in the world, and noone had us as wowed as the incredible Cameron Allen. Cameron is going to be a big part of Li...

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  • Tom Quayle Superlocrian Lick

    Thu 11 Dec 2014 | Levi Clay | Comments
    Coming from the melodic minor scale, the superlocrian scale can be called mode 7, so if we take the notes of A melodic minor (ABCDEF#G#) and begin on the 7th (G#) then you would have the notes of G# superlocrian. The question is, how is this of u...

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  • Three Note Per String Pentatonics

    Thu 11 Dec 2014 | Levi Clay | Comments
    In this short lesson we're going to talk about the history of technique driven guitar playing by looking at the rise of the 3 note per string pentatonic scale. As the name would suggest, the 3 note per string fingerings of the pentatonic scal...

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  • Andre Nieri - Brazilian Fusion Mini Lesson

    Fri 5 Dec 2014 | Levi Clay | Comments
    After the success of our last blog post, it seemed like a good idea to bring you another, so here we have a little idea from Guitar Idol winner, Andre Nieri. Andre stands out from the pack as a player because of his ability to blend in his ri...

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  • Cameron Allen - Diminished Scale Mini Lesson

    Mon 1 Dec 2014 | Levi Clay | Comments
    Today we're going to dig into the world of the diminished scale and end with a lick from the incredible Cameron Allen. Now I'm sure you've heard the term "diminished" before, you may have even played a diminished chord or ar...

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