How To Turn Effort Into Progress

How To Turn Effort Into Progress

25th May, 2021 by Sam Bell

What happens when trying your best isn't getting you where you want to be on the guitar? Effort is the key, sure; but how do you turn that effort into results? Sam Bell explores .....

How To Write A Great Guitar Solo

20th May, 2021 by Stuart Shields

As studious lead guitarists, we put stock in our ability to pull the right improvised guitar solo out of the ether. But what creative depths could be plumbed if you had the time to write a solo?

5 Ways To Find Your Own Voice As A Guitar Player

13th May, 2021 by Mitch Laddie

Sure, working on our techniques and building a solid repertoire of riffs, songs and solos is key, but all the best players have that special something; their own signature sound.

Which Guitar Skills Should I Focus On?

29th April, 2021 by Stuart Shields

No matter what your guitar goals, every ambition requires a skill set - from busking a 3 chord song to the heady heights of shred. A definitive guide would be helpful, right? Read on ….

The Top 4 Live Albums Of All Time

23rd April, 2021 by Stuart Shields

The live album - rock and roll’s very own time machine; capturing the greats at their creative peak of stardom. But how live were they? And which titles make the top 4?

Tension? Is It Holding Back Your Guitar Playing?

14th April, 2021 by Stuart Shields

Struggling to nail ‘that lick’? Sometimes feel you are ‘fighting’ your guitar just to get the notes out? The solution may not be better technique. We discuss the progress killer that is tension!

How To Play In Time

1st April, 2021 by Stuart Shields

It’s the skill most prized amongst serious and amateur musicians alike; transforming even the simplest guitar part into something magical. We dig deep into the topic of staying in time.

5 Ways To Improve Your Tone By Adjusting Your Playing

26th March, 2021 by Mitch Laddie

It’s not an old wives tale, tone really is in the fingers! So instead of swapping out your guitar or reaching for a gear based solution, Mitch Laddie shares some tips to improve your tone naturally.

Playing In Front Of People - Beat Those Nerves!

19th March, 2021 by Stuart Shields

Do your favourite riffs fall to pieces, even under the gaze of close kin and family pets? If you have ever uttered the words ‘I can play this perfectly when no-one is watching’; read on!