Do Cables Affect Your Guitar Tone?

Do Cables Affect Your Guitar Tone?

4th March, 2021 by Stuart Shields

Another tone debate which has raged across online guitar forums - does your guitar cable have any bearing on your actual tone?

Mitch Laddie’s Top 5 Blues Guitar Tips

25th February, 2021 by Mitch Laddie

Licklibrary blues expert, Mitch Laddie helps you fast track your blues guitar playing with 5 tips used by the pros; guaranteed to instantly supercharge your skills and sound.

8 Steve Vai Facts Every Fan Should Know

19th February, 2021 by Stuart Shields

Who provides those voice overs on Passion & Warfare? Why is his signature axe called a JEM? What’s the deal with Frank Zappa’s ‘Black Page’? We look at 8 top Vai facts and talk a little about bees.

Who Invented Shred Guitar Techniques?

11th February, 2021 by Stuart Shields

Who tapped the first lick? Who swept that first sweep? And who do we have to thank for the slippery legato shred runs we all love to try and master?

Tips For Returning To The Guitar After A Break

28th January, 2021 by Stuart Shields

Picking up your guitar again after taking some time away doesn’t have to feel like starting all over again! We explore the positives of getting back in the guitar saddle after a musical break …

Learn Your Fretboard In 3 Easy Steps

15th January, 2021 by Stuart Shields

With 6 strings and (potentially) 24 frets, the fretboard offers 144 places to play only 11 notes! So how do you learn every note? There must be some short cuts, right? Indeed there are, read on …..

4 Ways To Get A Great Rock Tone From Any Amp

8th January, 2021 by Stuart Shields

When you crank it up are you still struggling to get that magic tone? Before you rush out and invest in any new gear, here are a few ways to make the most out of what you’ve got.

5 Practice Tips For The Holidays

18th December, 2020 by Stuart Shields

Everybody loves Christmas! But it can be tough when you are unable to spend as much time with your loved ones …. Of course, we are talking about your guitars!

Why Do Guitarists Pull ‘Guitar Faces’?

11th December, 2020 by Stuart Shields

You know the ones; those pained, contorted faces, which all the greats sport when pulling out their best licks. But why? What causes them? And, do they actually help your playing?