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Dive into Licklibrary's comprehensive archive of guitar lessons. Whether you want to learn a song or take one of our six-week courses, we cover everything from traditional Blues to modern Metal, for beginners right up to guitar virtuosos.

1,000+ note by note
song lessons

From Jimi Hendrix to Hank Marvin, from Black Sabbath to Buddy Holly, From Steve Vai to Stevie Ray Vaughan. With Well over 1,500 song lessons and technique courses in all genres, there's something new to inspire guitarists of all abilities.

1,000+ full band
backing tracks

Learn the song and then play along with our award winning full band backing tracks. Just want to jam or practice your techniques, we've got you covered with backing tracks in all genres including, Blues, Rock, Metal, Acoustic, Jazz or Country.

Your Licklibrary Membership Includes:

  • 10,000 hours of tuition
  • Over 950 backing tracks
  • 400+ courses
  • 5,000+ lessons
  • 950+ backing tracks
  • 300+ artists and bands
  • 40 genres
  • Every technique covered
  • 4 brand new courses every month
  • Curated learning paths
  • PDF and backing track downloads
  • Cast to your TV or screen

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"Licklibrary has catapulted my playing to places I never thought possible."

I’ve been a member since 2011 and am still blown away by the level of expertise I have at my beck and call. To have Danny Gill or Jaimie Humphries just pop into my living room anytime I ask to show me a new song or riff still blows me away (I know, I used it twice but it’s appropriate). It still seems too good to be true even after all these years. LL has catapulted my playing to places I never thought possible. I just pray you guys here for another 10 years. The journey continues. Kudos and thank you Lick Library!


Trust Pilot

"Just wanted to say how impressed I am!"

Just had an 1-1 online support lesson with Stuart Shields and just wanted to say how impressed I am. A great teacher and I'm amazed by how great LickLibrary is! Keep up the good work!

Jim, Bristol



Amazing in-depth and technical run throughs of some of my favourite guitar works. Highly recommended.

Mick O'Farrell

Trust Pilot

"The best online teaching resource for guitarists"

Second to none, buy now you cant go wrong


Trust Pilot

"Lick Library is excellent!"

As well as brilliant products, their customer service is always very responsive and any issues are acknowledged and sorted quickly

Nig Greenway

Trust Pilot

"LIckLibrary is the best place for online guitar Lessons."

LIckLibrary is the best! I love the 6 week courses I think I am doing the Metal Rhythm one next.... Danny Gill is one of the best teachers on the Planet.

George Mayfield

Trust Pilot

"Fantastic teaching and learning courses!"

Fantastic teaching and learning courses!

Bruno Poggiali

Trust Pilot

"It’s like having a personal tutor 24/7"

I can set my own goals at my own pace. I can play stuff now that a few months ago looked way beyond my capabilities. The tutors are top-notch, and I think incredibly generous to pass on their years of hard slog to us in such an informal way . In my opinion all the courses represent incredible value for money. It’s like having a personal tutor 24/7 . If any of those tutors should read this, my sincere thanks to you. Thanks also to the staff at Licklibrary for the first rate service they provide .

John Bullions

Trust Pilot

"I love Licklibrary"

I love licklibrary, I have learned a lot off it. I think you have great professional guitar players that I would love to play at their level!

Chris Snell

Trust Pilot

"Takes your guitar skills to the next level!"

Exceptional tutors, excellent products, excellent customer service – six stars out of five! Why? 'Cause six is one more than five :)


Trust Pilot

"Excellent lessons and large selection"

Excellent lessons and large selection of material for every musical interest!

Linda Goodin-Pelletier

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"This is my go to place to learn"

This is my go to place to learn how to play a song or technique correctly.

Jason Bell

Trust Pilot

"Best Guitar Instruction in the planet!!"

Without question, the BEST guitar instructors and instructional dvds on the planet! There is no better way to learn and expand your musical vocabulary than by learning ACTUAL SONGS that you can actually use in real life situations! This really helps with developing your own songwriting and style as well. Lick Library is the best hands down.

Dave McAfee

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"Your first step of becoming a real guitarist."

Nothing beats note for note video lessons from the seasoned pro instructors. Great instructors make a lot of a difference because they know how to break down the long solos into a few easy to learn section by section. Stop wasting your time searching for accurate free tabs online. Spend a little bit but you will improve a lot. Many of our favourite bands’ lessons to choose from.

Rock Star

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