Chris Buck Guitar Lessons

"I think I knew pretty early on"" laughs British guitarist Chris Buck. ""That first moment of being able to replicate what was coming out of my old man's stereo had a big effect on me. I've wanted to be a musician ever since"". Fast forward ten years and Chris, finds himself at the legendary Rockfield Studios, a stones-throw away from his South Wales home, recording Buck & Evans' much anticipated debut album, newly crowned Total Guitar Magazine's Best New Guitarist of 2017. Despite a monthly column for Guitar Interactive Magazine, a weekly YouTube show, a signature set of Stratocaster pickups and guitar greats being quick to express their appreciation of Chris's playing - (this guy's a fu*king awesome guitar player!"" - Slash), Chris insists that he doesn't crave the spotlight. ""From the moment I first picked it up when I was 14, I never wanted to be the virtuoso guitar guy"" says Chris. ""All of my favourite musicians were very much part of a band and worked to serve the song; that sense of interaction and spontaneity is incomparable. Making music with your mates; there's no better feeling..."