Metal Guitar Lessons & Backing Tracks

We’ve been producing metal guitar lessons for over three decades and have watched as the style has evolved - believe us - we know metal is not just metal! So if you want to go old school and gallop your way through some classics or take on the might of Slipknot, Killswitch Engage or Avenged Sevenfold we’ve got more than enough to keep you fired up! We understand that metal technique requires precision and stamina so we have intensive courses designed to push your rhythm chops to machine like perfection and provide you with a tool set for crafting your own material. Want to tear it up? We have an extensive library of shred technique lessons and challenging courses specifically for metal players to build your speed, agility and fretboard knowledge. Learning from the players who push metal forwards is vital so we have a solid collection of style study lessons which give you an insight into the world’s greatest metal pioneers. Take the time to look through some of the lessons we’ve selected below to see where we can take your playing!