Rich Shaw Guitar Lessons

Richard is most well known as the guitarist and co-songwriter for UK metal band, Cradle of Filth, from 2014 until 2022. In his time with the band, he co-wrote and performed on the albums ‘Hammer of the Witches’ (2015), ‘Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay’ (2017), and ‘Existence is Futile’ (2021), each achieving top 40 chart placements worldwide. He has contributed three guest solos for US symphonic rock outfit, Lost Symphony, appearing alongside Nuno Bettencourt, Marty Friedman, Alex Skolnick, Angel Vivaldi, and Kelly Kereliuk. In December 2021, Richard self published his first book, ‘Fretboard and Songwriting Theory for Metal Heads (and other genres too)’, covering a theoretical approach to songwriting and how to navigate the fretboard without using scale shapes.