Our Story

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best possible online experience for guitarists of all levels to learn to play the guitar, benefit from the wisdom of world-class tutors, and be an inspiration for guitarists to achieve their musical goals. We constantly strive to deliver the best online guitar lessons and online guitar courses, and be the benchmark by which all other tuition models are measured against.

In the Beginning…

From little acorns, oak trees grow. A chance meeting in a bar in 1990 has led to a great musical and business success story. Stuart Bull (one half of the founding team) was playing the guitar to a blues jam track in a bar. Kim Waller (the other half of the company, and an aspiring guitarist) watched him perform and was suitably impressed. Later, Kim approached Stuart to make a backing track for his personal use, which he did. Kim then discovered he enjoyed his playing more using backing tracks. An idea was born!

A mere six months after their first meeting, Kim and Stuart formed Total Accuracy. They produced full-band guitar backing tracks on CD of original blues and rock songs, accompanied by note for note instruction on how to play each song just like the original. This was expanded to include rock, blues and metal backing tracks written by Total Accuracy, for guitarists to practice and improvise over.

Over time, and in collaboration with the copyright owners, the products incorporated tab, and these 'JAM with…' guitar tuition products became the benchmark by which other guitar lesson products were measured. Total Accuracy went on to become the world's foremost producer of backing track driven tutorials for guitarists, winning awards and becoming the market leader in just eight short years.

"In 1998 we made a conscious decision to create our identity on the web," says Kim "the concept of a library of guitar licks and famous riffs, explained in guitar lesson videos with a download format seemed to be the most engaging form of guitar tuition after private lessons with a pro."

Hence the rebranding of the company as Licklibrary to identify with a library of guitar resources for players looking to learn guitar online. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, becoming a global leader in online guitar lessons. Licklibrary has hundreds of online guitar courses and some of the best online guitar lessons for songs and techniques in all styles and genres.

Licklibrary Today…

Licklibrary.com currently offers the best online guitar lessons and online guitar courses available. Licklibrary continues to develop and innovate within the guitar education environment and leads the music learning revolution by pioneering new ways to learn guitar online, and redefining the future of music education.

If you're looking for the fastest way to learn guitar online, you need progressive step-by-step online guitar lessons which move you from one stage to the next with professional instruction. At Licklibrary.com, you get precisely this - a guided journey that makes it easy for students to establish a solid foundation. Our instructors will take you through the hassle-free online guitar lessons in bite-sized chunks, making it easy for you to build momentum, achieve goals, and enjoy results.