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  • Structured Learning Paths  Curated courses to master skills and techniques. 1000s of lessons available

  • Learn songs  Note for note song lessons for the greatest rock, blues and metal tracks

  • All skill levels  Lessons for complete beginners to advanced players. Access to 1000s of guitar lessons

  • Jam with a full band  Backing tracks library for unlimited jamming, practice and improvisation

  • Player support  Free live streams and 1-1 coaching

  • Learn at your own pace  Slow down and looping functions for lessons and backing tracks

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Learning the guitar doesn’t have to be a struggle


“I could never do that”, “I haven’t got the time”, “I can’t seem to get any better”, “I need motivation”, “I need a structured plan”


If you have ever had one of those moments then you are just like thousands of other guitarists who just needed a little of the right help and direction to get their playing on track. There are no shortcuts to becoming a great player, but we can make a transformational change to your playing within a few weeks.

We’ve been creating online guitar lessons for over 20 years, so we know a thing or two about teaching guitar! With over 2 million students served in that time, you’re in the right place to learn, whatever level you are or whatever style you choose.

Learning the guitar doesn’t have to be a struggle with the right lessons and support. Licklibrary gives you exactly that. It might seem like an impossible dream to play the guitar like a pro, but remember all of these pro players started as beginners.

Classic Album song lessons learn every song from some of the greatest albums ever made

From Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, from Nirvana to Metallica, learn every song on some of the greatest albums of all time. You won’t find this on any other guitar lesson platform. Over 50 classic albums to choose from, available to stream whenever you’re ready to learn. 

Over 1500 studio quality guitar backing tracks

Jam with your own pro band! So you’ve learned the song, riff or solo; now its time to practice with a full band. You don’t have a band? Well you do now! Get yourself gig ready with Licklibrary’s guitar backing tracks.

Choose from hundreds of backing tracks, including songs from the greats like AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and many more, plus we have hundreds of rock, blues and metal jam tracks to improvise over. Filter by scale/mode, key and tempo. Put scales and theory into practice.

Learning your first song start to finish is a real achievement, and with Licklibrary you can make that happen. With over 2000 song lessons to choose from thats more than any other platform – and we keep growing! Learn an entire Classic Album from start to finish, or get accurate step by step instruction on how to play the songs which first inspired you to play guitar.

Learn the biggest guitar riffs and the greatest guitar solos note for note.

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US$24.99 per month

Annual Pass

US$224.00 Get 3 Months FREE!

With the right teacher, nothing is beyond your reach!

Every Licklibrary tutor, past and present, has proven themselves as an expert in their style; from world leading session players, metal masters, blues guitar stars and legends amongst the teaching community. But we know that great guitar playing and great teaching are not the same thing. For our tutors, teaching is a passion.

Loved and trusted by guitarists worldwide

Licklibrary is for players of all ages and abilities. From complete beginners to advanced players. Licklibrary guitar lessons can make you a better player in just 20 minutes a day, but don’t just hear it from us, listen to what our members have to say…

Samir's Story

“I have learnt how to take the time to learn things properly.”

With a busy day job in London, Samir’s evenings are all about guitar; local jam nights, learning his favourite songs, developing his technique, and a whole lot of ‘80s Rock!

Ana’s Story

“I am a classical guitarist but always dreamt of playing rock guitar”

As a well studied classical player Ana was unable to find a way into the world of rock guitar playing; until now.

Ian’s Story

“I was quite a late starter, but that hasn’t stopped me”

Guitar playing gives Ian a daily break from the pressures of modern life. He sees guitar practice as therapy and prioritising learning the stuff that makes you smile

Paul's Story

“70% of everything I know, I learnt from Licklibrary.”

As a gigging guitarist, Paul uses Licklibrary to keep his song repertoire and technique sharp. Discovering new styles, players and techniques has kept Paul motivated. Paul discusses why video lessons suit his learning style.

Shaun's Story

“I’m playing stuff I could have only dreamt of performing before joining!”

Following an on-off relationship with guitar, Shaun has rekindled his love for playing and, after a few months, nothing seems out of reach! Shaun talks about the positive impact guitar has had on his life.

Lick Library Lick Library

I can set my own goals

I can set my own goals at my own pace. I can play stuff now that a few months ago looked way beyond my capabilities. The tutors are top-notch. In my opinion all the courses represent incredible value for money. It’s like having a personal tutor 24/7 . Thanks also to the staff at Licklibrary for the first rate service they provide .

John Bullions

You will be playing in minutes!

These videos are awesome and easy to follow along and you will be playing something at the end of your session. I have never had issues with this company they are responsive when you have questions.

Jesse Christopher

World’s best guitar learning site

The content on Lick Library is the best in globe. The best teachers are at one place and passing their all hard work. Lick Library tutors and their contribution to guitar students is remarkable.

Chaitanya Kiran

It is unmatched. I’ve been a member since 2011 and am still blown away by the level of expertise I have at my beck and call. To have Danny Gill or Jamie Humphries just pop into my living room anytime I ask to show me a new song or riff still blows me away. It still seems too good to be true, even after all these years. LL has catapulted my playing to places I never thought possible. I just pray you guys here for another 10 years. The journey continues.


Highly recommended

Great Guitar tutors, easy to understand the learning outcomes and, maybe best of all, entertaining to watch. Highly recommend Lick Library to any Guitarist looking to improve technique or simply learn how to play songs the correct way.

Peter Slater

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US$24.99 per month

Annual Pass

US$224.00 Get 3 Months FREE!

Guitar Lessons and Courses that work for YOU

Every guitar player’s learning requirements are different. For beginners to advanced players, we’ve got a lesson plan that will work for you. From individual lessons, when you’re short on time, to deep dive courses that will transform your playing.

I’m a beginner, I just want to get better fast


I just want to learn complete songs


I want to learn some simple solos


I want to understand music theory


I’m ready for a challenge inspire me


I don’t have much time help me get a plan


Fix your playing with 1-on-1 Lessons and Support

Can’t nail that lick, can’t hit the right chord, or just stuck in a rut?

It can happen to anyone, and we can help… 

Learning guitar online doesn’t mean you have to go it alone!

We understand that simply having access to 1000s of lessons isn’t a guaranteed recipe for success. You need long and short term goals, motivation and the confidence that you are learning and practicing the right way, with the right stuff for you.

All Licklibrary members have access to 1 on 1 video support with a Licklibrary tutor. If you need some help with your technique or a song, or are just feeling stuck in a rut, you can change all that with live support.

support & coaching

Structured guitar courses for Beginners 

Make real progress in the first few weeks. The way you start to learn can make a huge difference to your playing. Our beginner guitar courses will help you get started and provide a structured plan to get you playing. We have beginner guitar courses for acoustic and electric guitar in all popular styles.

The only lesson plan you’ll ever need. Get it all, Get it now

Your LickLibrary membership includes

10,000 hours of tuition

New lessons added weekly

5000+ lessons

Player support

600+ full length courses

Jam track library

1200+ backing tracks

Regular livestreams

A/B video looper and speed controls

Live one on one support

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US$24.99 per month

Annual Pass

US$224.00 Get 3 Months FREE!