Joe Pesce Guitar Lessons & Backing Tracks

Joe Pesce, a New York native, began playing guitar at the age of eleven and has studied music and graduated with honors from both Musicians Institute, and UCLA. In Los Angeles, Joe began to write and produce music for television, film, and recording artists as well as working as a session musician on countless other recordings. "His productions and performances have earned him two gold albums, as well as numerous songs on the Billboard charts, and endorsements. He is also the author of the guitar book, ""In The Heart Of It""- Analyzing Style and Technique of the Modern Blues and Country Guitarist. Currently, Joe is residing in Sweden, where he continues to work as a guitarist, producer, and songwriter." Jonathan Graham Jonathan Graham is a guitarist, vocalist, writer, session musician and educator from Glasgow, now living in London. An ACM degree graduate with nearly 20 years playing experience in many styles, he has taught at various Yamaha Music schools in Scotland and performed with chart-topping acts. Currently completing his debut album, Protagonist, due for release soon. Jonathan is also the co-host of Guitar Interactive Magazine’s weekly show; 'GI Weekly’ and the creator of, a classic-guitar media website and a regular contributor for and