Lee Hodgson Guitar Lessons & Backing Tracks

"Lee's contribution here at LickLibrary is a masterclass in classic guitar playing, from Hank Marvin to Simon & Garfunkel, but that certainly isn't the limit of his skills. In reality, Lee is one of the most technically able country guitar players we've ever seen, in fact his book ""Hot Country"" is a one stop shop to country guitar stardom." As a player Lee has played thousands of gigs with top chart acts at venues as big as the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena. His legendary attention to detail in these situations found him as a respected teacher at London's ICMP where he's been since 1990 and occasionaly for IGF. He was one of the original tutors for Guitar Techniques magazine covering a collection of hot country and smooth jazz fusion. Lee now gigs around London from time to time wowing audiences with his exquisite playing and impeccable tone.