The CAGED System For Absolute Beginners

Embark on a musical journey with's Danny Gill through "The CAGED System For Absolute Beginners." This comprehensive course is tailored for guitar enthusiasts, guiding them through the CAGED system's fundamental aspects. Ideal for beginners and those seeking to polish their skills, this program is a gateway to guitar proficiency.

Techniques Covered in "The CAGED System for Absolute Beginners"

Open CAGED Chords

The course begins by introducing Open CAGED chords - the fundamental building blocks of guitar music. It focuses on the C, A, G, E, and D chords in their open variations, laying a solid foundation for budding guitarists.


  • Creates a robust base in chord playing techniques.
  • Facilitates smooth transitions to advanced chords.
  • Enhances the guitarist's repertoire for song playing.

Barred CAGED Chords

Advancing to Barred CAGED chords, students learn to use one finger across several strings. This technique is essential for diverse chord shapes, offering the flexibility to play in various keys.


  • Enhances the ability to play diverse chord structures.
  • Simplifies playing in different musical keys.
  • Strengthens finger flexibility and control.

3 Note Triad Groupings

Exploring 3 note triad groupings, the course delves into major, minor, and diminished triads. This segment is crucial for understanding the fretboard and developing harmony skills.


  • Deepens chord composition knowledge.
  • Boosts improvisation and creative skills.
  • Enables construction of intricate chord progressions.

Major, Minor, and Dominant Chords

This section differentiates major, minor, and dominant chords. Understanding these variances is vital for musical expression and adapting to different genres.


  • Expands expressive range in music.
  • Crucial for mastering various musical styles.
  • Supports creative songwriting and arrangement.

Chord Progressions

The course emphasizes chord progressions, the backbone of many musical pieces. Students learn to construct and apply these progressions effectively, utilizing the CAGED framework.


  • Improves compositional and songwriting abilities.
  • Enhances musical accompaniment skills.
  • Strengthens rhythmic sense and timing.

Seeing Scales Around CAGED Chords

Integrating scales with CAGED chords is key for soloing and improvisation. This lesson is designed to help visualize scales in relation to chord shapes, enriching soloing capabilities.


  • Amplifies solo and improvisational techniques.
  • Promotes an in-depth fretboard understanding.
  • Blends chord and scale knowledge effectively.

Practicing with Backing Tracks

Using backing tracks in practice is vital for developing musicality. It aids in understanding rhythm, timing, and integrating licks within a musical structure.


  • Sharpens timing and rhythmic skills.
  • Provides practical context for musical practice.
  • Enhances the ability to adapt and listen actively.

Course Summary

"The CAGED System For Absolute Beginners" is an indispensable resource for guitarists aiming to deepen their musical understanding. Through detailed lessons and practical exercises, it charts a clear course to mastering the guitar.

Techniques in the Lessons

Below is a list of guitar techniques featured in this course. Explore the links for comprehensive insights:

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