A guitar technique where a note is played by quickly and forcefully fretting a string, creating a smooth transition from one note to another.

Hammer-ons are an essential and expressive technique in guitar playing, often used to add fluidity, speed, and a legato feel to a performance. By quickly and forcefully fretting a string with the fretting hand after a note is played, guitarists can create a smooth transition from one note to another without re-picking the string. Hammer-ons are frequently used in solos, riffs, and melodic lines across various music genres, particularly in rock, blues, and metal styles.

Developing a clean and accurate hammer-on technique requires practice, focusing on finger strength, fretting hand speed, and synchronisation between both hands. Incorporating hammer-ons into one’s playing can greatly enhance the expressiveness and fluidity of a guitarist’s sound, contributing to the overall depth and emotion of their performance.