Rock Licks For Absolute Beginners

Welcome to the world of rock guitar with's "Rock Licks For Absolute Beginners." This meticulously crafted course is your gateway to mastering the foundational techniques of rock guitar. Designed for ease of learning, it guides you through various essential techniques, ensuring you build a strong foundation in your rock guitar journey. This course is taught by Danny Gill.

Techniques Covered in "Rock Licks for Absolute Beginners"

Hammer-on and Pull-off Techniques

Hammer-ons and pull-offs are vital for any rock guitarist. These techniques allow for seamless note transitions, contributing to a smoother and more fluid playing style. Our lessons focus on the proper execution of these techniques, making your playing sound effortlessly connected.


  • Improves play speed and smoothness
  • Reduces strain on the picking hand
  • Enables expressive and connected phrasing

String Bending

String bending is a signature element of rock guitar playing, adding a vocal-like quality to your playing. Our course teaches you the art of bending strings accurately, essential for injecting emotion and expressiveness into your guitar solos.


  • Brings emotional intensity to guitar solos
  • Builds finger strength and finesse
  • Enhances musical expressivity


Slides offer a sleek way to connect notes and chords. This technique is crucial for fluidity in your playing, making your guitar lines more cohesive and expressive.


  • Smoothens transitions between notes
  • Adds a distinctive sonic touch
  • Promotes legato playing technique

The Blues Scale

The blues scale is foundational for rock and blues guitarists. This course explores its application, empowering you to craft solos and improvisations with greater musicality and creativity.


  • Essential for improvisation and soloing
  • Adaptable across various music styles
  • Deepens musical structure understanding

The Natural Minor Scale

The natural minor scale is key to creating emotive and atmospheric sounds in rock music. Our lessons help you integrate this scale into your playing, enabling more emotionally resonant solos and melodies.


  • Expands musical expressiveness
  • Crucial for emotive playing
  • Improves soloing and melody creation

The Minor Pentatonic Scale

The minor pentatonic scale is a fundamental part of rock guitar repertoire. This course simplifies learning this scale, showing its effective use in rock contexts.


  • Ideal for catchy riffs and solos
  • Simple to learn and highly adaptable
  • Lays groundwork for improvisational skills

Connecting Patterns on the Fretboard

Learning to connect scale patterns across the fretboard is crucial for versatile playing. This course includes practical exercises to master fretboard navigation and scale integration.


  • Improves understanding of the fretboard
  • Increases scale application fluency
  • Enhances improvisational abilities

Natural Harmonics

Natural harmonics provide a unique, bell-like tone, adding a special layer to your playing. This course introduces techniques for producing and incorporating natural harmonics effectively.


  • Introduces new tonal possibilities
  • Refines technical playing abilities
  • Explores different sound textures

Pinched Harmonics

Pinched harmonics bring a high-pitched, intense quality to your playing, particularly in solos. Our lessons ensure you learn to produce these harmonics consistently and effectively.


  • Elevates solo intensity
  • Hones precision and technique
  • Boosts expressive capabilities

Practice with Backing Tracks

Using backing tracks in practice sessions is crucial for developing solid timing and rhythm skills. It mimics playing with a band, preparing you for live performances or group play.


  • Enhances sense of timing and rhythm
  • Fosters improvisational growth
  • Simulates a band playing environment

"Rock Licks For Absolute Beginners" is an all-encompassing course for anyone embarking on their rock guitar journey. It covers crucial techniques and concepts fundamental to rock guitar mastery.

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