Blues Licks for Absolute Beginners

Welcome to "Blues Licks for Absolute Beginners" offered by, a meticulously crafted course tailored for guitarists embarking on their blues journey. This program emphasizes key techniques fundamental to blues guitar, paving the way for an enriching musical adventure. This course is taught by Danny Gill.

Techniques Covered in "Blues Licks for Absolute Beginners"

Essential Beginner Blues Guitar Techniques

Beginners are introduced to essential blues guitar techniques, ensuring a robust foundation for future learning.


  • Establishes a strong blues technique foundation.
  • Facilitates easier progression to advanced concepts.
  • Enhances rhythm and musical intuition.

How to Play the Blues Scale

An in-depth exploration of the blues scale, pivotal in blues guitar playing.


  • Encourages improvisational skill development.
  • Expands fretboard knowledge.
  • Crucial for crafting signature blues licks.

The Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales

These scales are essential for a broad range of blues guitar solos, offering a world of creative possibilities.


  • Increases scale versatility and knowledge.
  • Enables fluid musical transitions.
  • Boosts creative soloing potential.

Outlining the Chords in Blues Guitar Solos

Learn how to integrate your solos seamlessly with underlying chord progressions for a more polished sound.


  • Enhances the musicality of your solos.
  • Deepens understanding of chord and scale interplay.
  • Aids in crafting melodically rich solos.

How to Play Double Stops

Double stops bring a unique richness and texture to blues guitar.


  • Enriches the sonic quality of your playing.
  • Introduces a distinctive character to solos.
  • Strengthens finger dexterity and control.

Relative Scales

Mastering relative scales opens new dimensions in your improvisational and creative skills.


  • Broadens improvisational horizons.
  • Deepens music theory comprehension.
  • Sharpens ear training and musical perception.

Turnaround Guitar Licks

Grasp the art of crafting compelling turnaround licks, a critical component in blues progressions.


  • Improves understanding of blues song structures.
  • Key for completing blues progressions.
  • Adds a refined touch to your playing.

String Bending

A quintessential blues guitar technique, string bending, adds emotional depth to your playing.


  • Infuses solos with expressive emotion.
  • Builds finger strength and precision.
  • Integral for a genuine blues sound.


Vibrato is a vital technique to make your notes resonate with feeling and depth.


  • Brings a dynamic quality to your notes.
  • Enhances control and finger strength.
  • Vital for soulful blues expression.

Hammer-ons and Pull-offs

These techniques are essential for achieving a fluid and seamless blues sound.


  • Creates fluid, cohesive musical phrases.
  • Boosts playing efficiency and speed.
  • Diversifies articulation and phrasing.

Extended Pentatonic Scales

Delving into extended pentatonic scales offers advanced options for your soloing repertoire.


  • Expands your soloing lexicon.
  • Elevates improvisational abilities.
  • Fosters musical creativity and expression.

12 Bar Blues Guitar Progressions

The 12-bar blues progression is a fundamental structure in blues music, essential for any blues guitarist.


  • Core to understanding blues compositions.
  • Enhances skills in chord transitions.
  • Crucial for collaborative jamming.

Blues Guitar Phrasing

Effective phrasing is key to making your solos resonate with expression and musicality.


  • Enhances storytelling through music.
  • Improves the structure and flow of solos.
  • Critical for engaging and emotive playing.

Practicing with Backing Tracks

Utilizing backing tracks for practice provides a realistic and enriching environment, essential for honing your blues skills.


  • Improves rhythmic precision and timing.
  • Offers a practical context for licks and solos.
  • Boosts adaptability and improvisational skills in ensemble settings.


"Blues Licks for Absolute Beginners" from is a comprehensive and engaging entry point into the blues guitar world. Covering fundamental techniques and expressive soloing, this course ensures a thorough and enjoyable learning experience.

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