Blues Guitar for Absolute Beginners: Mastering the Basics

"Blues Guitar for Absolute Beginners," presented by, is an essential course tailored for newcomers to the blues guitar. It focuses on a variety of fundamental techniques, laying down the groundwork for blues guitar proficiency. This course is taught by Lick Library veteran Danny Gill.

Techniques Covered in "Blues Guitar for Absolute Beginners"

12 Bar Blues Rhythm Patterns

The 12 bar blues rhythm pattern forms the basis of the blues genre. Mastering this pattern is essential for any blues guitarist, as it provides a standard structure for many songs.


  • Establishes a strong blues foundation
  • Enhances jamming and improvisational skills
  • Fundamental for blues songwriting

Triplet Shuffle Rhythm Guitar Patterns

The triplet shuffle rhythm is key to the classic blues sound. This course teaches you how to master this rhythm, essential for giving your blues guitar a genuine swing.


  • Essential for a true blues sound
  • Improves timing and rhythmic skills
  • Increases musicality in blues genres

Pentatonic Minor Scale

The pentatonic minor scale is a staple in blues guitar solos. This course helps you learn and apply this scale, allowing for more expressive and soulful soloing.


  • Key for emotive blues solos
  • Simplifies learning guitar solos
  • Adaptable across various blues styles

Barre Chords

Barre chords are vital for a full blues guitar sound. This course will guide you through learning and applying these chords in your blues playing.


  • Broadens chord-playing range
  • Increases fretboard knowledge
  • Enhances rhythm guitar sound

Major Pentatonic Scale

The major pentatonic scale adds a brighter element to your blues playing. This course demonstrates how to effectively blend this scale into your style.


  • Adds melodic variation to playing
  • Complements minor pentatonic scale use
  • Ideal for diverse soloing approaches

12 Bar Soloing

Soloing over the 12 bar blues progression is a fundamental blues guitar skill. This course provides insights and techniques to create engaging and expressive solos.


  • Boosts solo improvisation techniques
  • Deepens blues structure comprehension
  • Cultivates expressive solo capabilities

Blues Bends

Mastering blues bends is crucial for adding expressiveness to your playing. This technique brings emotional depth to your blues guitar solos.


  • Elevates emotional depth in solos
  • Integral for a genuine blues sound
  • Enhances finger technique and control

Complementary Guitar Parts

Learning to craft complementary guitar parts is crucial for group play. This course teaches harmonious and rhythmically supportive guitar part creation.


  • Improves group playing techniques
  • Sparks creativity in musical arrangements
  • Builds understanding of musical harmony

Fills and Phrases

Incorporating fills and phrases enriches your blues playing. This course covers their effective usage in both rhythm and solo scenarios.


  • Introduces variety into playing
  • Strengthens musical expression
  • Improves timing and phrasing

Copying Licks

Learning licks from blues legends enhances your playing style. This course guides you in adapting these licks to develop your blues playing arsenal.


  • Expands range of playable licks
  • Provides insight into diverse styles
  • Aids in understanding blues phrasing

Call and Response

The call and response technique is a classic blues approach that enhances musical conversation. This course focuses on effectively incorporating this into your playing.


  • Develops interactive playing abilities
  • Boosts improvisational skills
  • Fosters musical listening and reaction

Blues Guitar Phrasing

Effective phrasing distinguishes your solos. This course emphasizes developing the ability to phrase notes and licks in a musically expressive manner.


  • Increases solo coherency
  • Deepens emotional audience connection
  • Fosters development of a unique style

Practicing with Backing Tracks

Utilizing backing tracks in practice is invaluable for developing timing, feel, and improvisation in a band-like environment.

Guitar Techniques Used in Lessons

Below is a list of key guitar techniques covered in the course, along with helpful resources:

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