Lead Guitar For Absolute Beginners

LickLibrary's "Lead Guitar For Absolute Beginners" course is a comprehensive guide designed to introduce aspiring guitarists to the essential techniques of lead guitar playing. Through carefully structured lessons, the course covers a range of techniques and concepts, enabling beginners to develop a solid foundation and progress in their guitar playing journey. This course is taught by Danny Gill.

Techniques Covered in "Lead Guitar for Absolute Beginners"

String Bending

String bending is a pivotal technique in lead guitar playing, adding expression and emotion to your solos. Our lessons guide you through the mechanics of bending strings accurately, ensuring pitch-perfect execution.


  • Enhances musical expression in solos.
  • Develops finger strength and dexterity.
  • Improves ear training for accurate pitch recognition.

Hammer-On and Pull-Off

Master the art of legato with hammer-ons and pull-offs, essential for creating fluid, seamless lines in your playing. We break down the technique step-by-step, making it accessible even for complete beginners.


  • Creates smoother, more connected phrases.
  • Reduces picking hand workload for faster playing.
  • Builds left-hand finger independence and strength.


Sliding between notes is not only a great way to navigate the fretboard but also adds a unique voice to your playing. Our lessons cover the basics of effective sliding, ensuring clarity and precision.


  • Offers a smooth transition between notes.
  • Enhances phrasing with a distinct tonal quality.
  • Increases fretboard awareness and mobility.


Vibrato is the heart of expressing emotion on the guitar. We teach you how to control vibrato speed and depth, making your notes sing with feeling and intensity.


  • Adds expressiveness and depth to notes.
  • Improves finger strength and control.
  • Enhances the overall musicality of your playing.

Simple Phrases and Licks

Learn to play catchy and musical phrases and licks. These foundational elements not only sound great but also serve as building blocks for more complex solos and improvisations.


  • Builds a repertoire of usable musical ideas.
  • Develops phrasing and improvisational skills.
  • Enhances understanding of musical context and structure.

Pentatonic and Blues Scales

The pentatonic and blues scales are staples in lead guitar playing. We delve into these scales, teaching you how to use them effectively in various musical situations.


  • Provides a solid foundation for improvisation.
  • Essential for playing in various music genres.
  • Improves scale knowledge and application.

Extended Scales

Moving beyond basic scales, we introduce extended scales to add more color and variety to your playing, widening your musical vocabulary.


  • Expands your improvisational options.
  • Enhances understanding of advanced musical concepts.
  • Prepares you for more complex styles of music.

Getting a Great Sound

Understanding how to get a great sound out of your guitar is crucial. We cover the essentials of guitar tone, helping you find your unique sound.


  • Enhances the overall quality of your playing.
  • Develops a personal tone and style.
  • Increases knowledge of guitar setup and maintenance.

Note Positions on the Fretboard

Knowing your way around the fretboard is key to freedom in playing. Our lessons make fretboard navigation intuitive and second nature.


  • Improves speed and accuracy in playing.
  • Enhances scale and chord knowledge.
  • Builds confidence in improvisation and soloing.

Effect Pedals Overview

Dive into the world of effect pedals, including distortion, compression, reverb, delay, and octave. Understand how each pedal shapes your sound and how to use them effectively in your playing.


  • Expands your sonic palette.
  • Teaches the art of crafting your guitar tone.
  • Increases understanding of signal chain and effects setup.

Practice with Backing Tracks

Practicing with backing tracks is a crucial aspect of this course. It helps you apply what you've learned in a musical context, improving your timing, rhythm, and ability to play with others.


  • Enhances timing and rhythmic accuracy.
  • Provides a real-world context for practicing techniques.
  • Improves adaptability and musicality in playing.

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