Metal Guitar Licks for Absolute Beginners

Discover the world of metal guitar with's "Metal Guitar Licks for Absolute Beginners." This meticulously designed course is perfect for beginners aiming to learn and master the core techniques essential for metal guitar playing. Each technique is thoroughly explained and demonstrated, accompanied by backing tracks to enhance the learning experience. This course is taught by Danny Gill.

Techniques Covered in "Metal Guitar Licks for Absolute Beginners"

Unison Bends

Unison bends, a dynamic technique in metal guitar, involve bending one string to match the pitch of a stationary string, producing a rich, harmonious effect. It's a popular technique in metal solos, adding an impressive flair to your playing.


  • Boosts expressive capabilities in guitar solos.
  • Aids in developing a better ear for pitch and harmony.
  • Introduces a rich, dual-tone quality to your solos.

Palm Muting

A quintessential metal technique, palm muting requires resting the side of the picking hand on the strings near the bridge, yielding a tight, muffled sound. It's fundamental for crafting those classic, heavy metal rhythms.


  • Produces a distinctively heavy and rhythmic sound.
  • Enhances control over guitar dynamics.
  • Crucial for executing rapid, heavy metal rhythms.

String Bending

String bending, a core technique in metal music, involves manipulating the string across the fretboard to alter its pitch, adding depth and feeling to your playing, especially in solos.


  • Brings emotional depth to guitar solos.
  • Strengthens fingers and improves dexterity.
  • Enriches musical phrases and expressions.


The use of octaves in metal guitar playing involves simultaneously playing two notes of the same pitch in different registers, creating a fuller and more vibrant sound.


  • Adds depth and richness to melodies and riffs.
  • Useful in crafting catchy melodic hooks.
  • Deepens harmonic complexity in your playing.

Open String Licks

Open string licks incorporate the resonant sound of open strings into riffs and solos, offering a distinctive tonal quality and allowing for rapid, intricate passages.


  • Broadens your riff repertoire.
  • Facilitates swift and smooth playing.
  • Introduces a unique tonal character to your style.


Tapping involves using the fingers of the picking hand to tap notes on the fretboard, enabling fast, complex sequences and patterns that are hallmark in metal guitar solos.


  • Enables rapid, complex lick execution.
  • Expands creative soloing possibilities.
  • Improves hand coordination and skill.

Alternate Picking

Essential for precision and speed, alternate picking involves alternating downstrokes and upstrokes, critical for playing fast-paced and rhythmically complex metal pieces.


  • Enhances speed and precision in playing.
  • Vital for executing fast metal riffs and solos.
  • Boosts overall picking efficiency and skill.

Pick Tapping

Pick tapping uses the pick for tapping on the fretboard, offering a crisper and more pronounced sound, perfect for creating unique percussive and rhythmic effects.


  • Introduces a distinct sound to tapping.
  • Ideal for more aggressive and rhythmic sounds.
  • Diversifies your playing techniques.

Legato Techniques

Legato techniques, including hammer-ons and pull-offs, allow for fluid and connected note transitions, essential for creating smooth, expressive metal guitar solos.


  • Produces seamless note transitions.
  • Reduces strain on the picking hand.
  • Enhances solo expressiveness and fluidity.

The Blues Scale

The blues scale is a fundamental element in metal guitar, adding an emotive, gritty tone to both riffs and solos, and is incredibly versatile for improvisation and rhythm playing.


  • Infuses solos with raw, emotional tones.
  • Ideal for improvisational playing.
  • Forms the foundation for many iconic metal riffs.

Backing Tracks

Practicing with backing tracks is invaluable, offering a real-world context that helps in honing timing, rhythm, and improvisational skills, crucial for applying learned techniques effectively.

Key Guitar Techniques

"Metal Guitar Licks for Absolute Beginners" at is the go-to course for anyone starting their journey in metal guitar mastery. Join us to unlock the power and passion of metal guitar!

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