Unison Bends

A technique where the guitarist bends one string while simultaneously playing the same note on an adjacent string, creating a thick, chorusing effect.

Unison bends are a popular and impactful technique in guitar playing, often used to add depth, richness, and intensity to a performance. By bending a string up to the pitch of the same note played on an adjacent string, guitarists can create a powerful, chorusing sound that combines the bent note with its unaltered counterpart. Unison bends are frequently used in solos and riffs across various music genres, particularly in rock and blues styles.

Developing a clean and accurate unison bend technique requires practice, focusing on finger strength, hand synchronization, and pitch control. Incorporating unison bends into one’s playing can greatly enhance the expressiveness and impact of a guitarist’s sound, contributing to the overall depth and emotion of their performance.

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