Ultimate Guitar Techniques: Learn String Bending & Vibrato Techniques

Welcome to "Ultimate Guitar Techniques: Learn String Bending & Vibrato Techniques," a comprehensive course designed to elevate your guitar playing skills to new heights. This course, brought to you by LickLibrary.com, is meticulously crafted to cater to guitarists eager to master the art of string bending and vibrato, two pivotal techniques in guitar playing. This course is taught by Michael Casswell.

Introduction to String Bending

String bending is a dynamic technique that adds expression and emotion to your playing. It involves pushing the strings across the fretboard to raise their pitch. This technique can imbue your solos with a vocal-like quality, making them more expressive and impactful.


  • Enhances musical expression and adds a vocal quality to solos.
  • Allows for greater control over pitch and dynamics.
  • Improves finger strength and dexterity on the fretboard.

Mastery of Vibrato Technique

Vibrato involves a rhythmic, controlled oscillation of pitch, adding richness and depth to your notes. It’s a fundamental skill for adding character and sustaining notes, vital for both rhythm and lead guitarists.


  • Adds depth and emotion to sustained notes.
  • Improves control over pitch modulation.
  • Enhances the overall musicality of your playing.

The Importance of Backing Tracks

Practicing these techniques with backing tracks is crucial. It provides context, helping you understand how these techniques fit within a song. Additionally, it trains your ear, improves timing, and makes practice more engaging and enjoyable.

Techniques Covered in the Course

  1. String Bending: Learn to bend with accuracy and expression.
  2. Vibrato: Develop a controlled, musical vibrato.
  3. Combining Bends and Vibrato: Master integrating both techniques fluidly.


  • Builds a strong foundation in essential guitar techniques.
  • Enhances your ability to express emotions through guitar playing.
  • Prepares you for more advanced guitar playing styles and genres.


"Ultimate Guitar Techniques: Learn String Bending & Vibrato Techniques" is an essential course for any guitarist looking to refine their expressiveness and technical skills. It not only imparts crucial techniques but does so in a musically relevant and engaging manner.

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