Two Handed Tapping

A guitar technique that involves using both the picking and fretting hands to tap notes on the fretboard, creating rapid-fire legato phrases.

Two handed tapping is a versatile and expressive technique that allows guitarists to perform fast, intricate passages that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional picking methods. The technique involves tapping the fretboard with the fingertips of both hands, either simultaneously or in sequence, to sound the desired notes. By removing the need for pick strokes, two handed tapping can produce smooth, legato phrases with minimal attack, creating a distinct and fluid sound. Guitarists often employ tapping to execute rapid arpeggios, wide interval leaps, and complex polyphonic patterns. While most commonly associated with electric guitar, tapping can also be applied to acoustic instruments. Developing proficiency in two handed tapping requires consistent practice and a solid understanding of the fretboard, but the technique can add a unique and impressive dimension to a guitarist’s playing.