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LickLibrary.com's "12 Bar Blues Basics for Beginners" is a specialized guitar course taught by Danny Gill, that is designed for novices eager to delve into blues guitar. It comprehensively covers fundamental techniques that are essential for aspiring blues guitarists.

Techniques Covered in "12 Bar Blues for Absolute Beginners"

Understanding the 12 Bar Blues

The 12-bar blues progression is fundamental in blues music. This segment breaks it down for beginners, ensuring a solid grasp of this essential structure.


  • Lays the groundwork for blues music
  • Enhances capability to play diverse blues tracks
  • Acts as a stepping stone for blues composition

Mastering Chord Patterns

Chord patterns are vital in creating the harmonic framework of blues music. This course section introduces key blues chords and their practical use.


  • Increases chord repertoire and adaptability
  • Strengthens hand coordination and agility
  • Deepens understanding of harmonic structures in blues

Exploring 12 Bar Blues Riffs

Blues riffs form the melodic core of blues music. This part of the course focuses on teaching these signature riffs.


  • Sharpens rhythmic and phrasing abilities
  • Fosters individual musical style
  • Helps in capturing the essence of traditional blues

Navigating Moveable Chord Patterns

Understanding moveable chord patterns is vital for versatile guitar playing. This course teaches the navigation and application of these patterns.


  • Expands fretboard knowledge and usability
  • Promotes playing in various musical keys
  • Develops hand strength and flexibility

The Art of Blues Fills

Blues fills bring depth and texture to your playing. This lesson explores different fill techniques to enhance your blues style.


  • Boosts improvisational playing
  • Adds complexity to standard blues progressions
  • Improves interactive playing and listening skills

Double Stops Technique

Double stops are integral in blues guitar. This course section explains how to effectively use this technique in your playing.


  • Produces a fuller guitar sound
  • Improves melodic playing
  • Lays groundwork for more complex guitar techniques

Soloing Techniques for Beginners

Soloing is a crucial aspect of blues guitar. This module introduces basic soloing ideas, tailored for beginners.


  • Cultivates improvisation skills
  • Deepens knowledge of blues scales
  • Builds solo performance confidence

Learning Blues Scales

A thorough understanding of blues scales is imperative. This course covers crucial scales, essential for improvisation and soloing.


  • Broadens musical vocabulary
  • Enhances soloing proficiency
  • Contributes to a deeper grasp of blues music

Mastering Turnarounds

Turnarounds are crucial for concluding blues progressions. This lesson teaches various turnaround techniques.


  • Rounds off the blues structure knowledge
  • Enhances blues composition skills
  • Brings a unique touch to blues playing

Practicing with Backing Tracks

The course incorporates practicing with backing tracks, vital for developing rhythm, sharpening the musical ear, and simulating a band-like environment. This is crucial for real-world application and skill improvement.


"12 Bar Blues Basics for Beginners" offers a comprehensive and structured approach to learning blues guitar, building a solid foundation for further exploration and mastery in blues music.

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