The Story Behind Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein Guitar

The Story Behind Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein Guitar

6th May, 2022 by Stuart Shields

Not satisfied with his Les Paul, Strat or Destroyer, before changing world of guitar playing, Eddie Van Halen crafted a guitar which shaped history!

3 Reasons Why You Need A Whammy Bar

6th May, 2022 by Stuart Shields

Whammy bar, tremolo arm, wiggle stick; this ingenious implement commands more respective use than gratuitous dive bombing and wanton waggling!

Forgotten Stars Of ‘90s Shred Guitar

5th May, 2022 by Stuart Shields

Think you know your shredders? In this blog we uncover four top shred guitarists whose names and playing, may have escaped you.

Classic Shred Guitar Albums

4th May, 2022 by Sam Bell

The 80’s & 90’s heralded a new dawn of technical guitar prowess and spawned some of the most excellent shred guitar recordings ever committed to tape. Who makes the list? Read on!

3 Ways To Use A Metronome

25th March, 2022 by Stuart Shields

What is the one thing we could all use more of? Reliable timing. And the best tool for the job … the humble metronome.

Warm Ups - The Missing Part Of Your Guitar Practice Routine?

11th March, 2022 by Stuart Shields

Let’s face it - playing anything on this crazy instrument places demands on fingers and tendons which would cause most physios to wince! So why do so many guitarists skip an all important warm up?

Are You Choosing The Right Guitar Lessons For You?

18th February, 2022 by Stuart Shields

In this digital age, we guitarists are spoilt with an almost overwhelming choice of lessons and online content. But how do you know if the lessons you choose are working for you?

4 Ways To Practice Guitar More Effectively

21st January, 2022 by Stuart Shields

The art of practicing guitar, to reap the best results, is a deep and layered subject. So how about 4 simple, performance enhancing adjustments you can make to your practice right now? Read on!

5 Ways To Play Guitar With Feel

17th December, 2021 by Stuart Shields

That’s the sole purpose of any musician, right? To emotionally connect with a listener, pull on their heart strings or bring the boogie. Want to make them dance or cry? It’s all in the feel.