Are You Choosing The Right Guitar Lessons For You?

Are You Choosing The Right Guitar Lessons For You?

18th February, 2022 by Stuart Shields

In this digital age, we guitarists are spoilt with an almost overwhelming choice of lessons and online content. But how do you know if the lessons you choose are working for you?

4 Ways To Practice Guitar More Effectively

21st January, 2022 by Stuart Shields

The art of practicing guitar, to reap the best results, is a deep and layered subject. So how about 4 simple, performance enhancing adjustments you can make to your practice right now? Read on!

5 Ways To Play Guitar With Feel

17th December, 2021 by Stuart Shields

That’s the sole purpose of any musician, right? To emotionally connect with a listener, pull on their heart strings or bring the boogie. Want to make them dance or cry? It’s all in the feel.

Rock Songs With Secret Meanings & Hidden Messages

19th November, 2021 by Stuart Shields

From morse code to misinterpreted meanings and masked messages. In this music trivia blog we look at the top rock songs you thought you knew!

The Top 5 Unsung Heroes of Funk Guitar

12th November, 2021 by Mitch Laddie

Funk guitar - the true arena of rhythm guitar prowess! But which funky dudes should make your playlist. Our very own funk-meister, Mitch Laddie takes a look ….

How To Improve Your Picking: Part 1

7th October, 2021 by Stuart Shields

Do you ever feel like your fretting and picking hands aren’t talking to each other? When it comes to improving your picking accuracy, rather than speed alone, hand synchronisation is the key ….

Natural Guitar Practice, Trusting The Process

17th September, 2021 by Sam Bell

Modern life offers promises of everything sooner, faster and more instantly. We all want to be better guitarists now. Sam Bell discusses the virtue of allowing things to take a more natural course.

8 Tips For Joining A Band

10th September, 2021 by Stuart Shields

Dreams of strutting your stuff on stage and busting out those big licks in front of an audience is the reason why most of us first reached for a guitar; so what are you waiting for?

How To Learn From Video Guitar Lessons More Effectively

3rd September, 2021 by Stuart Shields

Gone are the days when aspiring players would hunch over a transcription book. Video guitar lessons are nothing new, but is there a right and wrong method to learning this way? Read on ...