Is Your Thumb Position Killing Your Progress?

LL Blog Is Your Thumb Position Killing Your Progress

Is Your Thumb Position Killing Your Progress?

2nd July, 2021 by Stuart Shields

So you’ve plateaued again; reached that point where you can’t play that run, riff or lick any faster or accurately. Before you give up, the solution could simply be the position of your thumb.


The Importance of Rhythm Guitar

17th June, 2021 by Mitch Laddie

It is all too often to become distracted by the shiny promise and glory of lead guitar, but without solid rhythm chops, are you leaving the most important skills behind?


Classic Shred Guitar Albums

11th June, 2021 by Sam Bell

The 80’s & 90’s heralded a new dawn of technical guitar prowess and spawned some of the most excellent shred guitar recordings ever committed to tape. Who makes the list? Read on!

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Improving Your Guitar Speed

4th June, 2021 by Stuart Shields

So, you’ve arrived at the speedy part of that solo or have designs on melting some faces with your alternate picking. Hold on champ, before you reach for the metronome here are some tips to muse over

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How To Turn Effort Into Progress

25th May, 2021 by Sam Bell

What happens when trying your best isn't getting you where you want to be on the guitar? Effort is the key, sure; but how do you turn that effort into results? Sam Bell explores .....

LL Blog How To Write A Great Solo 1

How To Write A Great Guitar Solo

20th May, 2021 by Stuart Shields

As studious lead guitarists, we put stock in our ability to pull the right improvised guitar solo out of the ether. But what creative depths could be plumbed if you had the time to write a solo?

LL Blog Cover 5 Ways To Find Your Own Voice50

5 Ways To Find Your Own Voice As A Guitar Player

13th May, 2021 by Mitch Laddie

Sure, working on our techniques and building a solid repertoire of riffs, songs and solos is key, but all the best players have that special something; their own signature sound.

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Which Guitar Skills Should I Focus On?

29th April, 2021 by Stuart Shields

No matter what your guitar goals, every ambition requires a skill set - from busking a 3 chord song to the heady heights of shred. A definitive guide would be helpful, right? Read on ….

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The Top 4 Live Albums Of All Time

23rd April, 2021 by Stuart Shields

The live album - rock and roll’s very own time machine; capturing the greats at their creative peak of stardom. But how live were they? And which titles make the top 4?