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From Rock To Fusion by Tom Quayle

By Tom Quayle

Develop killer fusion chops and theory knowledge in this exciting and easy to understand course with fusion guitar master Tom Quayle. This superb DVD takes metal, rock, blues and funk guitarists into the exciting and cutting edge world of fusion guitar playing. In this extensive course, Tom shows you how to develop your legato and hybrid picking to get an ultra- modern sound and performs awesome lines for you to learn and digest. Tom also shows you his scale and arpeggio approaches, pentatonic scale development, phrasing exercises and ways to tackle playing over chord changes. From Rock to Fusion will push your playing to the next level and give you the tools you need to become the fusion player you always wanted to be. Tom Quayle is a well respected guitarist and teacher whose influences include Greg Howe, Wayne Krantz, Tim Miller and Brett Garsed. He is a regular contributor to iGuitar digital magazine, view issues at His blistering technique has been applauded by guitar legends such as Brett Garsed and John Petrucci.

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From Rock To Fusion by Tom Quayle

User Reviews (5)

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  • #1 Rodney Ewan Coke (Thursday November 08, 2012 @ 20:46)

    Where are the arpeggios mentioned in the From Rock to Fusion DVD by Tom Quayle. He said all the arpeggios in the dvd could be downloaded from the LL website..?

    Rodney Coke

  • #2 SLE002 (Saturday February 09, 2013 @ 15:14)

    Really enjoying the dvd. Loads to learn. Certainly finding hybrid picking quite a handful but at least the dvd forces me to practice. Makes a change to tackle something a bit jazzier so for anyone (like me) who plays OK but is a bit stuck in box patterns this dvd will certainly help.

    Rodney - (if you haven't found them already) the tablature for the arpeggios is on the dvd as a PDF file. Just right-click on the dvd icon on your pc and the file will appear.

  • #3 PJ Zitarosa (Wednesday May 08, 2013 @ 19:32)

    Tom Quayle is the man!

  • #4 Donato Caporale (Monday May 27, 2013 @ 13:14)

    Hi guys in this DVD are played Fusion also some modes of the melodic minor scale or not? or some of the harmonic minor? or diminished scale? or whole-tone scale?

  • #5 stephen myers (Saturday May 24, 2014 @ 00:02)

    please make sure this dvd can play in the U.S. let me know ...or email me back

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About Tom Quayle

Tom Quayle needs no introduction on the guitar scene after shooting to attention when he made it to the finals of Guitar Idol back in 2008. Before that he was a graduate of Leeds College of Music where he did a degree in jazz then hit the local jazz scene.

Since then Tom has gone on to form an even better name for himself via his instructional material available on his website. He also has a range of material here at LickLibrary both as web lessons and with his best selling debut DVD. Hes also an extremely integral part to every issue of Guitar Interactive will his columns always being very popular with readers.

Tom is also busy flying around the world demoing gear for Fibenare guitars, Port City amps, Toadworks Pedals and Wampler pedals. He is a mainstay at tradeshows like NAMM and Musikmesse.


Code: RDR0432       Artist: Tom Quayle

Media: DVD       Video format(s): PAL + NTSC

Product genre(s): Technique       

Skill level(s): Intermediate to Advanced

EIN Number: 5060088829646

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