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Learn to play Dave Gilmour: The Solos DVD

By Dave Gilmour

Includes solo tutorials and 3 speed guitar jam tracks to guitar solo sections, lessons by Jamie Humphries This excellent DVD will show you how to nail five solos by this guitar legend! The accompanying CD includes guitar jam tracks for each solo section at slow, medium and full tempo so you can learn each solo at your own pace and steadily build up to full speed.

Solos include;

Comfortably Numb
Another Brick In The Wall

Jamie Humphries is the author of the acclaimed Giants Of Rock and Giants Of Metal guitar courses. He is a tutor at one of the UKs leading music colleges, and a regular contributor on the guitar community website

Learn to play Dave Gilmour: The Solos DVD

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  • #1 Guest (Saturday February 05, 2011 @ 17:38)

    I was very excited when this DVD set came and immediately spooled it up. Jamie is a truly great guitar player--fantastic really but in the area of instruction he needs to slow the fuck down. Considering the DVD came with no tab it was very frustrating trying to follow him on the 1st solo for dogs, when he was initially going through the fret positions for the notes. Sometimes he would reference the string with the fret position--sometimes he would not--he started off slow and then got faster and faster towards the end. In a couple places he goes way too fast. I finally got it-- but it way more frustrating then it needed to be. I wish Jamie would simply go slow enough just one time so that I could write the tab down without having to stop and rewind etc. --then go as fast as you want---who cares. I'm certainly no guitar pro but I have taught many people to fly--this is not the way to instruct. Include the tab or go REALLY slow one time!

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DVD & CD Set: $29.99

About Jamie Humphries

Jamie is one of the mainstays of LickLibrary, having a stream of hugely successful best selling DVDs, Jamie is best known as Brian May's sideman who he's played shows with all over the world. Aside from this Jamie is a hugely popular clinician working all over the world with Ernie Ball Music Man and Blackstar.

As a long time student of respected teacher Phil Hilbourne, it wasn't long before Jamie had built up a huge array of his own students and his own spot teaching at Guilford's ACM along with magazine work like Guitar Techniques. In these positions Jamie gained a reputation as the go to guy for the more advances shred techniques of the 80s, from blistering legato to face melting sweep picking patterns.

Jamie's debut album, "J" is available here at LickLibrary and at Jamie's own website and showcases his wonderful approach to melodic electric guitar.


Code: RDR0310       Artist: Dave Gilmour

Media: DVD & CD Set       Video format(s): PAL Only

Product genre(s): Blues, Rock       

Skill level(s): Intermediate

EIN Number: 5060088823569

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