Tapped Harmonics

A technique where the guitarist lightly taps the string with the picking hand at a specific fret, creating a high-pitched, bell-like sound.

Tapped harmonics are a delicate and ethereal technique in guitar playing, often used to add a unique tonal quality, atmosphere, or emphasis to a performance. By lightly tapping the string directly above a specific fret with the picking hand while simultaneously holding a note with the fretting hand, guitarists can create a high-pitched, bell-like sound that contrasts with the more typical timbre of the instrument. Tapped harmonics are frequently used in solos, arpeggios, and chordal passages across various music genres, particularly in fingerstyle and classical styles.

Developing a clean and consistent tapped harmonic technique requires practice, focusing on hand positioning, precise finger placement, and timing. Incorporating tapped harmonics into one’s playing can greatly enhance the expressiveness and individuality of a guitarist’s sound, helping to create a more engaging and memorable performance.

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