Advanced Blues In 6 Weeks - Week 2

Advanced Blues In 6 Weeks - Week 2

By Stuart Bull

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Welcome to the Advanced Blues Guitar in 6 Weeks guitar lesson course. True diversity between between some of the best blues guitar players who have explored the genre. From the string bending and jazz concepts of BB King to the amazing fast blues rock runs of Joe Bonamassa. Concepts such as diminished scale usage made popular by Robben Ford are demonstrated and taught for practical application. Artists such as Larry Carlton also bring a jazz flavor to the blues and popular ideas such as playing off of the "five chord" are discussed and utilized. For anyone trying to take their playing to the next level, Advanced blues in six week will give you plenty of new ideas, licks and inspiration to help you take a further step into better understanding and playing of blues guitar. Week 1: includes rapid fire blues licks using hammer on and pull off ideas, left hand strength development for playing stamina, dynamics and "digging in". Phrasing ideas are analyzed including length of licks used in blues vs rock. String bending ideas using one and two strings are utilized along with licks that progress from slow to fast to build 'drama" within a solo. Stuart Bulls Advanced Blues in 6 Weeks guitar lesson course Week 2: includes ideas that are a step away from traditional blues. An A minor backing track using some "jazz" chord changes is used to demonstrate the use of jazz licks within the blues. Robben Ford style ideas using altered, chromatic and lydian b7 scales are looked at and many exciting licks are drawn from these scales. Phrasing and dynamics are a major part of this guitar lesson course providing some new and exciting vocabulary for any one new to this style. Week 3 : we look at Robben Ford again but this time in a much more traditional blues style. Using a blues shuffle backing track in E we look at open position licks, odd grouping phrases, open string motifs as well as "connecting" positions within a lick. Robben's signature string bending approach using fingers to "pop" out notes is discussed once again extending the boundaries of blues soloing. Week 4 : includes: Joe Bonamassa style blues guitar techniques including phrasing and timing, accents and sliding between positions, using the 9th and hybridpicking. Also includes a blues jam track Week 5 : includes: lessons on major and minor pentatonic rhythm motifs, note placements, major pentatonics for soloing, using the open high E string,using the E diminished chord and dominant arpeggios. Also includes a blues jam track Week 6 includes: G dominant 7th arpeggiated licks, CAGED dominant 7th arpeggiated licks, major and minor 7 arpeggiated licks, chromaticism within scales, hybrid picking and much more. Also includes a blues jam track and bonus footage

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