Learn To Play Hank Marvin Volume 2


Learn five Hank Marvin tracks note for note with Lee Hodgson This guitar lesson course will will show you how to perfect Hanks classic echo-based sound which has influenced everyone from Jeff Beck to Jimmy Page! Tracks include; Geronimo Kon Tiki Riders In The Sky Sleepwalk Foot Tapper.

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    Hank Marvin

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    Download, 2x DVD set

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    PAL Only

  • Genre

    Rock & Roll, Instrumental, Pop

  • Skill level

    Easy, Suitable For All

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  • TAB NOT Included

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Hank Marvin Volume 2 - Backing Tracks

Backing tracks minus lead guitar to: Geronimo, Kon Tiki, Riders In The Sky, Sleepwalk, Foot Tapper

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Lee Hodgson

"Lee's contribution here at LickLibrary is a masterclass in classic guitar playing, from Hank Marvin to Simon & Garfunkel, but that certainly isn't the limit of his skills. In reality, Lee is one of the most technically able country guitar players we've ever seen, in fact his book ""Hot Country""...

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