Learn To Play Queen Volume 2

Guitars Lessons by Michael Casswell

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Learn To Play Queen Volume 2

Guitar Lesson Course Overview

Embark on a musical journey like no other with "Learn To Play Queen Volume 2" from Licklibrary.com. This extraordinary compilation by Michael Casswell dives deep into five iconic Queen songs, unraveling the intricate guitar work that propelled the band to legendary status. Explore the brilliance of Brian May's guitar techniques, and immerse yourself in the euphonious realms of Queen's musical masterpieces.

Guitar Lessons Include:

We Will Rock You

One Vision

Killer Queen

I Want It All

Fat Bottomed Girls

Lesson Performance Notes

We Will Rock You

"We Will Rock You" is more than just a song; it’s an anthem that resonates across generations. This lesson focuses on the sparse yet powerful guitar riffs that characterize the song. Delving into the use of power chords and syncopated rhythms, learners will grasp the essence of creating a sound that reverberates through stadiums. Brian May’s guitar solo here is a study in musical tension and release, featuring dynamic scales and a spirited crescendo that culminates in a roaring finale.

One Vision

"One Vision" is a testament to Queen’s innovative approach to rock. The song features complex chord progressions and arpeggios that create a lush harmonic landscape. Brian May leverages a variety of scales, harmonics, and a notable use of tremolo picking to generate a texturally rich sound. The solo is a vivid tapestry of melody and rhythm, illustrating May’s proficiency in seamlessly blending techniques for a sonorous outcome.

Killer Queen

Delving into "Killer Queen," guitarists will uncover a melodic playground filled with chromaticism and intricate harmonies. Brian May’s crafting of the guitar lines in this song is nothing short of artistic, using slides and string bending to create a signature sound. The solo is a musical journey in itself, showcasing May’s ability to employ a diverse array of scales and techniques to produce a memorable and melodic masterpiece.

I Want It All

"I Want It All" is a powerful proclamation and a musical exploration of desire. The lesson covers the use of dynamic open-string riffs and galloping rhythms that drive the song forward. Brian May’s solo is a blend of rapid-fire alternate picking and legato, demonstrating his versatility and command over the guitar. The song is a valuable study in constructing a balanced yet fervent sound that encapsulates the listener.

Fat Bottomed Girls

"Fat Bottomed Girls" presents a rhythmic extravaganza, combining bluesy bends and octave melodies to create a groove-laden masterpiece. The guitar work here is an amalgamation of raw energy and refined technique, with Brian May utilizing pre-bends and double stops to accentuate the song’s lively spirit. The solo is a blues-infused spectacle, illustrating how varied techniques can be interwoven to craft a sonorous and spirited composition.

Brian May: The Maestro Behind the Strings

Brian May, the lead guitarist of Queen, has been an influential figure in the realm of rock. His contribution to these songs showcases his unparalleled ability to merge melody with technique, creating timeless pieces that resonate with emotion and energy. May’s distinctive style, characterized by his use of the Red Special guitar and a coin as a pick, has left an indelible mark on the music industry, inspiring guitarists worldwide.

Guitar Techniques Utilized:

In "Learn To Play Queen Volume 2," guitar enthusiasts will uncover the secrets behind Brian May’s iconic guitar work, gaining invaluable insights into the techniques and musicality that define Queen’s enduring legacy. Explore, learn, and master the art of rock guitar with this exceptional collection of lessons.

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It is with great sadness that we post the news of Michael Casswell's tragic death in a swimming accident while on holiday in Spain. All of us at Licklibrary are shocked and saddened by MIke's passing, and our deepest sympathies go out to his family at this difficult time. Michael...

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