Learn To Play ZZ Top Volume 2

Guitars Lessons by Danny Gill

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Learn to Play ZZ Top Volume 2

Guitar Lesson Course Overview

Stepping into the world of ZZ Top's iconic guitar work is like delving into a masterclass of rock and blues techniques. With our newest offering, Learn to Play ZZ Top Volume 2, guitar enthusiasts will find an expertly crafted course by Danny Gill that pulls apart the magic behind some of the band's greatest hits.

Guitar Lessons Include:

Jesus Just Left Chicago


Waitin' for The Bus

Cheap Sunglasses

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers

Lesson Performance Notes

1. Jesus Just Left Chicago

A beautiful blend of bluesy bends and soul, this song offers a steady rhythm juxtaposed against Gibbons' melodious solos. Dominated by the blues scale, the track includes chord progressions that serve as an excellent base for any budding guitarist. The solo is a journey through sustained notes and the clever use of harmonics.

2. Legs

One of ZZ Top's iconic tunes, "Legs" is an upbeat track that makes use of power chords and syncopated rhythms. Its catchy chorus will have you tapping your foot, while the guitar solos are a showcase of alternate picking and slides.

3. Waitin For The Bus

This song's groove is undeniably infectious. The guitar riff uses double stops and a touch of vibrato, creating a rich sound texture. As the song progresses, listen for the use of harmonics and chord progressions, which add layers of complexity to the melody.

4. Cheap Sunglasses

A showcase of Gibbons' unique guitar style, this song makes use of palm-muting and string-bending techniques to produce that trademark ZZ Top sound. The solo sections dive into the realm of alternate picking and feature some expertly executed legato passages.

5. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers

An outright rocker, this track screams energy. It brings together power chords, pinch harmonics, and trills to create a full-bodied, intense sound. The guitar solos in this song are where Gibbons truly shines, with his intricate use of alternate picking, vibrato, and some whammy-bar tricks for added flair.

Lead Guitarist: Billy Gibbons

Before we delve into the song analysis, let's recognize the maestro behind these iconic riffs - Billy Gibbons. Often wearing his signature shades and spinning his guitar around with effortless style, Billy's contribution to the rock world is immeasurable. He has a distinct sound, characterized by raw power and gritty blues scales, yet he can transition smoothly into a laid-back groove or a screaming solo when the song demands.

Techniques Employed:

Each of these songs, while unique in their own right, employs a series of guitar techniques that are pivotal to the ZZ Top sound. Below is a list of these techniques, with links to detailed lessons for those who wish to dive deeper:

In conclusion, Learn to Play ZZ Top Volume 2 is more than just a guitar tutorial; it's an exploration into the rich tapestry of rock and blues that ZZ Top weaves so effortlessly. Whether you're a beginner looking to understand the nuances of guitar playing or an advanced player hoping to replicate Gibbons' iconic riffs, this course promises a rewarding journey. Dive in and let the world of ZZ Top inspire your guitar journey.

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