Quick Licks - Joe Satriani Volume 2

Quick Licks - Joe Satriani Volume 2

By Danny Gill

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In a career that has spanned over 30 years and counting, Joe Satriani has proved himself to be one of the masters of the electric guitar, combining his love of the blues, lighting fast technique mixed with his modal sensibility.

In this guitar lesson course, Danny Gill talks you through a variety of soloing ideas, from short melodic phrases to full shred legato patterns, which will have you playing at both ends of the fretboard in no time.

This Joe Satriani guitar lesson course focuses on:
• Legato Runs
• Tremolo Bar Tips
• Blues/Rock Phrasing
• Connecting Patterns

Included in this guitar lesson course is a specially produced high quality backing track utilising Joe’s ‘pitch axis’ theory, switching between the Lydian mode and the Aeolian mode. Each lick is demonstrated with the backing track and then taught slowly to allow you to learn them easily and quickly apply them into your own solos.

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    Joe Satriani

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    Download, DVD

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    PAL + NTSC

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    Rock, Instrumental, Shred

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    Expert, Suitable For All

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