51 Western Swing Licks

51 Western Swing Licks

By Dan Smith

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Take your jazz, blues and country playing to the next level with these ear twisting Western swing licks. From the classic big band swing of the 20’s to the country infused revival heard in the south. Be it the Freddie Green rhtyhms to the modern patterns of Whit Smith, these exciting sounds will breathe new life into your playing.

Taught by Swing Commander Dan Smith, over the guitar lesson course of these 51 licks you’ll look at:

• Outlining chord changes
• Chromaticism
• Chordal licks
• Whole tone scale ideas
• Alternate picking
• Arpeggio concepts ... And much more!

With the supplied backing tracks and full transcriptions, you’ll see huge improvements in your understanding and playing of jazz, blues, country and even rock, so grab a guitar and dig in!

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    Dan Smith

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    Jazz, Country, Swing, Rock & Roll, Rockabilly

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Dan Smith

Hailing from Manchester in the UK and studying at the University of Salford, Dan may be best known as the Guitarist and Lap Steel player in Europe’s #1 western swing band The Swing Commanders. In this outfit alone he plays up and down the country every week racking up around...

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