Effortless Guitar - Essential Blues Fusion

Effortless Guitar - Essential Blues Fusion

By Richard Smith

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This easy-on-the-fingers intermediate guitar lesson course deals specifically with developing ones melodic voice, or melodic guitar 'signature'. Every artist spends a lifetime developing the artistic signature that makes them unique; 'Effortless Blues Fusion' provides some of the techniques that go into the actual personality of a guitar player's own sound. Like a singer, these techniques can be practiced and reinforced by methodical, enjoyable practice. Learn what it takes to expand your musical personality effortlessly through fun-to-play fusion songs. Learn about: - new sounds with bluesy octaves - new tones with the thumb and fingers - various picking techniques: - expressive double stop snaps - finger and pick combinations - dramatic new left and right hand techniques, - cool hammer-on, slur and bending runs.

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    Richard Smith

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    Download, DVD

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    PAL + NTSC

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    Blues, Fusion, Modern Blues, Contemporary

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    Suitable For All

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Richard Smith

Richard Smith rivals Roy Buchanan as the greatest guitarist you probably never heard. A master of timing, tone, phrasing and composition, Richard really is a pleasure to listen to and an even greater pleasure to learn from. Having a long relationship with USC, Richard's role as an educator shines, but...

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