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Guitars Lessons by Michael Casswell

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Learn To Play Fleetwood Mac with Licklibrary.com

Guitar Lesson Course Overview

Join our very own Michael Casswell and dive deep into the timeless world of Fleetwood Mac, a band that has been a driving force in the world of rock music. With Licklibrary.com, guitarists have an opportunity to master some of Fleetwood Mac's iconic songs, capturing the essence, technique, and passion of the band's legendary guitarist, Lindsey Buckingham.

Guitar Lessons Include:

Don't Stop

The Chain

Go Your Own Way

Big Love

Never Going Back Again

Lesson Performance Notes

Don't Stop

Written as an anthem of hope and looking forward to better times, "Don't Stop" is characterized by its driving rhythm and melodic riffs. In this lesson, guitarists will tackle the use of syncopated rhythms and explore the foundational chord progressions that give the song its unforgettable sound. The solo is a masterclass in melodic playing, making use of scales like the Major Pentatonic.

The Chain

Perhaps one of Fleetwood Mac's most iconic tracks, "The Chain" is a multi-part song that delves into a plethora of guitar techniques. The arpeggiated intro is a lesson in finger-picking, and as the song progresses, you'll also encounter double-stops and the profound use of string bending in its solos.

Go Your Own Way

This upbeat track is all about raw emotion. The guitar part is a blend of open-string chords and tight rhythm playing. The song extensively features techniques such as slides and pull-offs. The solo, drenched in a mix of the Minor Pentatonic and Major Pentatonic scales, showcases Buckingham's characteristic vibrato and precision in phrasing.

Big Love

"Big Love" is a testament to Buckingham's prowess in the realm of finger-picking. The song, in its acoustic version, leans heavily on arpeggiated chord progressions and rapid-fire picking patterns, giving it an intense and percussive quality. One will also come across the intricate use of harmonics and travis-picking techniques.

Never Going Back Again

A sonic journey through intricate fingerstyle patterns, "Never Going Back Again" is another of Buckingham's fingerstyle masterpieces. This song provides a deep dive into altered tunings, making for a rich and resonant guitar sound. Throughout the lesson, guitarists will immerse themselves in a blend of hammer-ons, pull-offs, and a bounty of fingerpicking patterns.

Lindsey Buckingham: The Silent Maestro

Lindsey Buckingham, with his unique playing style, has always been the silent force behind Fleetwood Mac's most memorable hits. His fingerstyle techniques, combined with his innovative use of guitar effects and tones, have set him apart in the rock world. Buckingham's contribution to these songs is not just in the realm of technical prowess but also in the emotional depth and nuance he brings to each track. His intricate fingerpicking patterns, innovative use of scales, and signature guitar solos have become lessons in themselves for guitarists worldwide.

Techniques Used in These Lessons:

With Licklibrary.com, you're not just learning to play songs; you're immersing yourself in the world of a guitar legend. Every strum, pluck, and bend is a step closer to mastering the art of one of rock's most iconic bands. Join us on this journey and unveil the secrets behind Fleetwood Mac's timeless hits.

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