51 Over The Top Rock Licks

51 Over The Top Rock Licks

By Nick Jennison

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Push the boundaries of intensity with Nick Jennison's 51 Over-The-Top Rock Licks. Over the guitar lesson course of 51 licks, you will learn: Complex legato, Fast alternative picking, Sweep picking arpeggios, Varied note grouping, Wide intervallic patterns, 3-note-per-string pentatonic patterns, Tapping licks and more Nick Jennison shows you how to inject outrageous levels of explosive excitement into your soloing while staying musical, by exploring a whole host of rock techniques from bluesy microtones to blazing economy picking, 8 finger tapping and even a handful of fusion lines thrown in for good measure. You will also gain insight into the use of arpeggios, pentatonic, diatonic and chromatic scales to create spaciousness or density in your playing-even at top speed.

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    Nick Jennison

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    Download, DVD

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    PAL + NTSC

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    Rock, Hard Rock, Contemporary, Shred

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Nick Jennison

I’m Nick Jennison, a guitarist, vocalist, producer and educator from the North East of England. It’s pretty cold up here, which seems like the perfect excuse to stay inside and make a bunch of great guitar-related videos for your viewing pleasure. I’ll be covering topics from technique, tone and musicality,...

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