Blues Licks For Absolute Beginners

Guitars Lessons by Danny Gill

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Blues Licks for Absolute Beginners proudly presents "Blues Licks for Absolute Beginners," a comprehensive guide designed for aspiring guitarists eager to delve into the world of blues. This course, taught by Danny Gill, focuses on foundational techniques essential for playing blues guitar, ensuring a solid base for future mastery.

Techniques Covered in "Blues Licks for Absolute Beginners"

Essential Beginner Blues Guitar Techniques

This section introduces beginners to the core concepts of blues guitar, laying a strong foundation for further exploration.


  • Accelerates understanding of blues guitar basics.
  • Builds a solid technique base for advanced learning.
  • Enhances musicality and rhythm sense.

How to Play the Blues Scale

The blues scale, a critical element of blues guitar, is broken down for easy understanding and application.


  • Develops improvisation skills.
  • Increases familiarity with the fretboard.
  • Essential for creating classic blues licks.

The Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales

We explore these versatile scales, foundational for many blues guitar solos.


  • Broadens scale knowledge and versatility.
  • Facilitates smooth solo transitions.
  • Enhances solo creativity and expression.

Outlining the Chords When Playing Blues Guitar Solos

Learn to connect your solos with underlying chord progressions, making your playing sound more professional.


  • Improves soloing coherence and musicality.
  • Enhances understanding of chord-scale relationships.
  • Aids in creating more melodic solos.

How to Play Double Stops

Double stops add richness and depth to your blues playing.


  • Enriches guitar tone and texture.
  • Adds a unique character to solos.
  • Improves finger strength and dexterity.

Relative Scales

Understanding relative scales opens up new avenues for improvisation and creativity.


  • Expands improvisational options.
  • Enhances understanding of music theory.
  • Improves ear training and musicality.

Turnaround Guitar Licks

Master the art of creating compelling turnarounds, an essential part of blues progressions.


  • Enhances song structure understanding.
  • Vital for completing a blues progression.
  • Adds sophistication to your playing.

String Bending

String bending is a signature technique in blues guitar, adding emotion and expression to your playing.


  • Infuses emotion into your solos.
  • Improves finger strength and control.
  • Essential for authentic blues sound.


Learn to apply vibrato, a technique that brings life and emotion to your notes.


  • Adds depth and feeling to notes.
  • Improves finger control and strength.
  • Essential for expressive blues playing.

Hammer-ons and Pull-offs

These legato techniques are key to fluid and smooth blues playing.


  • Creates smoother, more connected phrases.
  • Enhances speed and efficiency of playing.
  • Adds variety to phrasing and articulation.

Extended Pentatonic Scales

Delve deeper into pentatonic scales for more advanced soloing options.


  • Expands soloing vocabulary.
  • Enhances improvisational skills.
  • Broadens musical creativity and expression.

12 Bar Blues Guitar Progressions

Understand and master the classic 12-bar blues progression, the backbone of many blues songs.


  • Fundamental for blues song structure.
  • Improves chord transition skills.
  • Essential for jamming and collaboration.

Blues Guitar Phrasing

Learn how to phrase your solos effectively, making them more musical and expressive.


  • Enhances musical storytelling.
  • Improves solo structure and flow.
  • Essential for emotive and engaging solos.

Practice with Backing Tracks

Practicing these licks over backing tracks simulates real-life playing conditions, offering a more effective and engaging learning experience.


  • Enhances timing and rhythm skills.
  • Provides context for licks and solos.
  • Improves adaptability and improvisation in a band setting.


"Blues Licks for Absolute Beginners" from offers an all-encompassing path into the world of blues guitar. From fundamental techniques to expressive soloing, this course ensures a robust and enjoyable learning experience.

Guitar Techniques Used

  1. Vibrato
  2. Double Stops
  3. Hammer-ons
  4. Pull-offs
  5. String Bending

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