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Easy Blues Fusion Guitar Lessons at LickLibrary.com

Unlock your guitar potential with our comprehensive course, Easy Blues Fusion Guitar, exclusively available at LickLibrary.com. This course is meticulously designed to introduce and refine your skills in several foundational and advanced guitar techniques, blending the soulful expressiveness of blues with the high-energy intricacies of fusion guitar. Through this course, you'll explore scale and arpeggio shapes, the distinctive sound of the dominant 7 chord, and a range of blues fusion techniques. Let's delve into what each module covers and how it benefits you. This course is taught by Levi Clay.

Scale and Arpeggio Shapes in CAGED Positions

Understanding the CAGED system is crucial for mastering the fretboard, and our course emphasizes learning scale and arpeggio shapes across various CAGED positions. This method helps you navigate the neck effortlessly and connects scale patterns with chord shapes, enabling you to improvise with more freedom and accuracy. By integrating these shapes into your playing, you will develop a more intuitive sense of melody and harmony, enhancing your improvisational skills and musical expressiveness.

The Sound of the Dominant 7 Chord

The dominant 7 chord is pivotal in blues and fusion genres, known for its tense, unresolved sound that demands resolution. In this part of the course, we explore how to construct, voice, and utilize the dominant 7 chord effectively within different musical contexts. Learning this chord enriches your rhythmic and harmonic vocabulary, allowing you to create more emotionally compelling music that resonates with the classic blues feel while incorporating the edginess of fusion.

Blues Fusion Techniques

Blues fusion is a genre that demands technical prowess and emotional depth. Our course covers a variety of techniques essential for any aspiring blues fusion guitarist. From expressive string bending and vibrato to intricate hybrid picking and legato, these techniques will enable you to blend blues' emotional depth with the technical intricacies of fusion. As you master these techniques, you'll notice a significant enhancement in your playing's fluidity and expressiveness, making your solos stand out and resonate with listeners.

The Easy Blues Fusion Guitar course is not just about learning techniques but also about understanding how to apply them in a musical context to improve your overall guitar playing. Each lesson is crafted to build on the previous, ensuring a smooth learning curve that matches your pace and keeps you engaged.


Whether you are a beginner looking to start your journey in guitar playing or an intermediate player aiming to refine your skills, this course offers valuable insights and practical lessons to help you achieve your musical goals. By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in blues fusion guitar, ready to tackle more complex compositions and perhaps even craft your own unique sound.

List of Guitar Techniques Used

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Levi Clay

Levi Clay is an English born, Scotland based guitarist who has carved out a career over the last 10 years with a focus on his expertise as a music transcriber, writer, and performer of many styles of music. From his earlier days playing in rock/metal group Hellcat Molly, to his...

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