Learn To Play 50 Killer Metal Licks Volume 2

Guitars Lessons by Andy James

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Learn To Play 50 Killer Metal Licks Volume 2

Explore the electrifying world of metal guitar with "Learn To Play 50 Killer Metal Licks Volume 2," a comprehensive course designed for intermediate to advanced guitarists who aspire to master the unique styles of some of the genre's most iconic players. From the expressive bends of Steve Vai to the intricate rhythms of Synyster Gates, this course delivers an immersive experience in metal guitar technique. This course is taught by Andy James.

Steve Vai Style Licks

Steve Vai's playing is known for its technical precision, complex melodies, and use of effects to create an expansive sound. This section of the course will guide you through licks that encapsulate Vai's approach to guitar, focusing on legato runs, intricate arpeggios, and dynamic control. Learning these licks will not only enhance your lead playing skills but also expand your ability to express music in a more nuanced and colorful manner.

Jason Becker Style Licks

Dive into the neo-classical world with Jason Becker style licks, characterized by their rapid-fire arpeggios, sweeping techniques, and emotive vibrato. These lessons are designed to improve your speed, accuracy, and musical phrasing, offering insights into incorporating classical elements into rock guitar playing, thereby broadening your stylistic range and improvisational skills.

Dimebag Darrell Style Licks

Capture the raw energy of Dimebag Darrell with his aggressive riffing style and squealing harmonics. This course segment focuses on Darrell's signature techniques like pinch harmonics, whammy bar tricks, and tight rhythm playing. These licks will help you add a gritty, powerful edge to your playing, perfect for those who want to master the art of metal guitar.

Bumblefoot Style Licks

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal is known for his unorthodox playing style incorporating thimble tapping, hybrid picking, and complex chord structures. These lessons teach you how to integrate these techniques into your own playing, enhancing your versatility and ability to innovate on the guitar fretboard.

Buckethead Style Licks

Buckethead’s approach combines rapid finger tapping, wide interval jumps, and expressive use of the whammy bar. This part of the course will challenge you to push the boundaries of traditional guitar playing, emphasizing creativity and mechanical prowess.

Jeff Loomis Style Licks

Focusing on Jeff Loomis's preference for sweep picking, fast alternate picking, and complex chord progressions, these licks will improve both your technical skill and your understanding of melodic construction in metal music. Loomis's style is perfect for those looking to enhance their lead capabilities and compositional approaches.

Synyster Gates Style Licks

Learn the modern metal techniques of Synyster Gates, including his melodic phrasing, fast legatos, and intricate use of scales. These lessons provide a deep dive into creating catchy licks that balance technique with melodic sense, ideal for guitarists who aim to write their own solos or enhance their band's sound.

Essential Guitar Techniques in Metal Licks

Throughout "Learn To Play 50 Killer Metal Licks Volume 2," several core guitar techniques are utilized to shape the unique sounds and styles of each guitarist. Below is a list of these techniques, linked to our glossary for further exploration:

By mastering these techniques, you can significantly enhance your versatility and effectiveness as a metal guitarist. "Learn To Play 50 Killer Metal Licks Volume 2" is your gateway to mastering the essence of metal guitar playing, ensuring that each session brings you closer to the prowess of your guitar heroes.

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