Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios

Guitars Lessons by Sam Bell

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Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios Guitar Course is proud to present our cutting-edge guitar course: "Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios". This meticulously crafted program is designed for guitarists eager to master modern tapping techniques and incorporate sophisticated musical ideas into their playing. By focusing on integrating pentatonics, seventh arpeggios, advanced techniques, and both left & right-hand muting, alongside a robust theoretical foundation, this course promises to elevate your guitar skills to a professional level. Let's dive into what makes this course a must-have for aspiring guitar virtuosos. This course is taught by Sam Bell.

Course Overview

Integrating Pentatonics

Pentatonic scales, the backbone of many guitar solos and melodies, are explored deeply in this course. You'll learn how to seamlessly integrate these scales into your tapping techniques, creating fluid, engaging, and musically rich solos. This approach not only enhances your improvisation skills but also broadens your expressive capabilities, making your solos sound more dynamic and versatile.

Seventh Arpeggios

Seventh arpeggios add a layer of sophistication to your playing, and this course teaches you how to incorporate them into your tapping routines effectively. By mastering seventh arpeggios, you'll be able to produce more complex and emotionally resonant music, enriching your solos and chord progressions with the depth that only these arpeggios can provide.

Technique Focus

"Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios" places a significant emphasis on refining your technique. From precise finger placement to mastering the art of muting with both hands, the course ensures that your tapping is clean, clear, and articulate. This attention to technique not only improves your sound quality but also prevents common playing injuries, making your practice sessions more efficient and productive.

Left & Right-Hand Muting

Muting is crucial for achieving clarity and preventing unwanted string noise, especially in complex tapping passages. This course offers in-depth instruction on left and right-hand muting techniques, ensuring that every note you play is intentional and free from interference. Learning these muting techniques will greatly enhance the overall sound of your playing, making your performances sound professional and polished.

Theoretical Approach

Understanding the theory behind the techniques is what sets this course apart. You'll gain insights into the musical theory that underpins tapping, pentatonics, arpeggios, and muting, providing you with a solid foundation to develop your unique style. This theoretical knowledge empowers you to make informed musical choices and brings a deeper level of creativity to your playing.

The Benefit of a Backing Track

Included in the course is a backing track designed to complement your practice sessions. Practicing with a backing track is an invaluable tool for developing timing, rhythm, and improvisation skills. It simulates a real-life playing environment, allowing you to apply what you've learned in a musical context, and prepares you for live performances or studio recordings.

Techniques Covered in the Course

By the end of "Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios", you'll have mastered a wide array of guitar techniques. Below is a list of some of the key techniques covered, complete with links to our comprehensive glossary for further exploration:

This comprehensive course is designed to take your guitar playing to the next level, focusing on modern techniques and musicality. Whether you're looking to expand your soloing repertoire, enhance your technique, or deepen your theoretical understanding, "Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios" offers a complete package for the ambitious guitarist. Join us at and start your journey to guitar mastery today.

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Sam Bell

Sam Bell has been playing guitar from the age of 4, since then he has played many styles from Funky Blues to screaming Metal/Fusion on 8 string guitar. A member of UK tech metal band ‘Mask of Judas’, he is also currently writing his own solo instrumental album. He also...

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