Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios Guitar Lessons is proud to present our cutting-edge guitar course, "Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios," designed for guitarists aiming to elevate their playing style with advanced techniques. This comprehensive course delves into the intricacies of guitar playing, focusing on integrating pentatonics, mastering seventh arpeggios, honing your technique, and perfecting left & right-hand muting. It also offers a deep dive into the theoretical underpinnings of these techniques. Each lesson is crafted to enhance your playing skills and understanding, ensuring you gain a holistic view of contemporary guitar playing. This course is taught by Sam Bell.

Course Overview

Integrating Pentatonics

The course begins with integrating pentatonics into your playing, a foundational aspect of guitar music. This technique enriches your solos, providing a versatile base for improvisation and melody construction. Learners will discover new ways to incorporate pentatonic scales into complex arpeggios, expanding their musical vocabulary and opening up new avenues for creative expression.

Mastering Seventh Arpeggios

Seventh arpeggios add depth and complexity to your playing, offering a richer harmonic palette. This section focuses on mastering these arpeggios, teaching you to navigate the fretboard with precision. Understanding seventh arpeggios enhances your ability to create more emotionally resonant music, connecting with listeners on a deeper level.

Honing Your Technique

A significant portion of the course is dedicated to refining your technique. This encompasses a broad range of skills, from precision picking to fluid finger movements. Improving your technique not only makes your playing more efficient but also allows for a more expressive and dynamic performance.

Perfecting Left & Right-Hand Muting

Left and right-hand muting techniques are essential for controlling unwanted string noise and achieving a cleaner sound. This course provides practical exercises to master muting, ensuring your playing is tight and polished. Learning these muting techniques is crucial for recording and performing, as it significantly enhances the clarity of your music.

Theoretical Approach

Understanding the theory behind the techniques is vital for any guitarist looking to innovate. "Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios" offers an in-depth theoretical perspective, explaining why certain techniques work and how they can be applied musically. This knowledge empowers you to make informed creative decisions, fostering a more intuitive approach to guitar playing.

Benefits of Using a Backing Track for Practice

The course includes a professionally produced backing track, tailored to complement the lessons. Practicing with a backing track is a game-changer for musicians, offering a context for applying new techniques in a realistic setting. It not only improves your timing and rhythm but also enhances your ability to play in harmony with other instruments. This real-world application solidifies your learning, making the transition from practice to performance seamless and confident.

Technique List

In this course, we explore a wide array of guitar techniques. Here is a list of some of the techniques covered, complete with links for further exploration:

"Contemporary Tapping Arpeggios" is more than just a guitar course; it's a comprehensive journey into advanced guitar techniques and theory, designed to unlock your full potential as a musician. Whether you're looking to refine your skills, expand your musical vocabulary, or simply take your playing to the next level, this course offers the tools and insights you need to achieve your goals.

About The Tutor

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Sam Bell

Sam Bell has been playing guitar from the age of 4, since then he has played many styles from Funky Blues to screaming Metal/Fusion on 8 string guitar. A member of UK tech metal band ‘Mask of Judas’, he is also currently writing his own solo instrumental album. He also...

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