Building The Blues - Modern Blues Concepts

Building The Blues - Modern Blues Concepts

By Chris Buck

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Building the Blues with Chris Buck - Modern Blues Concepts explores his 'lifelong obsession with trying to get inside my favourite musicians’ mindsets’ - understanding their note choice, their frames of reference and their approach to writing and creating music. From Slash to Scofield, Jimi to Jeff, there’s a fluid effortless in all of my favourite musicians that transcends theoretical knowledge or studied meticulousness and it’s this innate connection to the music that all great musicians have that continually inspires me to become a better guitarist” In this guitar lesson course Chris teaches the process behind his playing; from solo structure, storytelling, dynamics, notes choices and much more, to give you the core skills of his unique tone.

Lessons include:

Picking & Dynamics,
Solo Structure,
Multi-Step Bends,
Targeting Notes,
Hendrix Chords,

Plus exclusive track previews.

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    Chris Buck

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    PAL + NTSC

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    Blues, Modern Blues, Contemporary

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Chris Buck

"I think I knew pretty early on"" laughs British guitarist Chris Buck. ""That first moment of being able to replicate what was coming out of my old man's stereo had a big effect on me. I've wanted to be a musician ever since"". Fast forward ten years and Chris, finds...

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