A guitar technique where the pick is dragged across muted strings before striking a target note, creating a percussive effect.

Rakes, also known as pick rakes or rake picking, are a technique used to add rhythmic and percussive elements to guitar playing. By muting the strings with the fretting hand and dragging the pick across them before striking a target note, guitarists can create a snappy, staccato effect that emphasizes the note’s attack. Rakes can be used in various music styles, such as blues, rock, and jazz, and can be combined with other techniques like bends, slides, or vibrato to create expressive and dynamic phrases.

Mastering the rake technique requires precise control of the picking hand’s motion and timing, as well as the ability to mute the strings effectively with the fretting hand. Incorporating rakes into one’s playing can add a distinctive and rhythmic aspect to a guitarist’s sound, helping to create a more engaging and textured performance.