Dive Bombs

A technique where the guitarist depresses the tremolo bar or whammy bar, causing a rapid decrease in pitch, followed by a release back to the original pitch.

Dive bombs are a dramatic and attention-grabbing technique in guitar playing, often used to add intensity, excitement, or a unique tonal effect to a performance. By rapidly depressing the tremolo bar or whammy bar on a guitar equipped with a floating bridge, guitarists can create a sudden, dramatic decrease in pitch that can be released back to the original pitch for a distinctive sound.

Dive bombs are frequently used in solos and riffs across various music genres, particularly in rock and metal styles. Developing a clean and controlled dive bomb technique requires practice, focusing on hand positioning, tremolo bar control, and timing. Incorporating dive bombs into one’s playing can greatly enhance the expressiveness and impact of a guitarist’s sound, contributing to the overall depth and emotion of their performance.

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