Metal Rhythm Guitar In 6 Weeks - Week 1

Embark on a compelling journey towards mastering the art of metal rhythm guitar with Licklibrary's detailed course, "Metal Rhythm Guitar In 6 Weeks - Week 1." This module is meticulously designed for those who are passionate about diving deep into the core of metal guitar techniques, laying down the essential skills required to excel in the metal genre. From mastering standard tuning strategies to achieving the iconic metal tone, each lesson is tailored to boost your abilities and knowledge in metal rhythm guitar. This course is taught by Andy James.

Course Overview

Standard Tuning: Drop Picking and Palm Muting

Step into the world of metal rhythm guitar through the essential techniques of drop picking and palm muting. Drop picking offers a straightforward playing method that focuses on speed and precision, while palm muting delivers the signature heavy, percussive sound that metal music is known for. Gaining proficiency in these techniques not only enhances your rhythm capabilities but also provides the foundational elements for crafting intense, powerful riffs that define metal music.

Triplets and Left Hand Muting

This course segment introduces the intricate rhythm of triplets alongside the nuanced technique of left-hand muting. These techniques together foster a tight, articulate sound, adding layers and textures to your rhythm playing. Mastering triplets and left-hand muting allows for more diverse and compelling riff creation, enriching your musical repertoire.

Alternate Picking

Alternate picking is critical for any guitarist, especially within the metal genre. This lesson aims to develop a smooth, consistent, and rapid alternate picking technique applicable to both chords and melodies. Efficient alternate picking significantly enhances your play speed and precision, facilitating complex riff construction and solos.

Chord Variations

Delve into the expansive universe of chord variations specifically suited for metal music, ranging from the raw power of power chords to intricate chord shapes. Integrating various chord voicings into your playing broadens your rhythm guitar skills, enabling the creation of unique and heavy rhythm sections that capture the listener's attention.

Practice Routines

The course offers carefully structured practice routines to ensure steady progress and skill improvement. These routines are designed to weave the learned techniques into your daily practice effectively, fostering muscle memory and ease in metal rhythm guitar playing.

Achieving a Metal Tone

Securing the definitive metal tone is pivotal, and this section offers guidance on equipment settings and selections to craft your distinct sound. From exploring amp configurations to choosing the right pedals, learn how to achieve a robust and unique metal tone that enhances your individual playing style.

The Value of Practicing with a Backing Track

Utilizing a backing track for practice is transformative, enhancing your timing, rhythm, and overall musicality. It replicates the experience of playing in a live band setting, pushing you to maintain rhythm and cohesion while applying your learned techniques. The backing track included in this course is an invaluable tool for practicing in a realistic context, bolstering your confidence and ability to perform seamlessly in a group.


"Metal Rhythm Guitar In 6 Weeks - Week 1" stands as an indispensable course for guitarists aspiring to carve their niche within the metal genre. With a focus on essential techniques and the practical application of a backing track, this course sets the foundation for your development as a proficient metal rhythm guitarist.

Techniques Employed in This Course

Begin your journey with "Metal Rhythm Guitar In 6 Weeks - Week 1," and pave your way to becoming a formidable force in the metal guitar community.

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