Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts Season 3

Michael Casswell's "Pro Concepts Season 3" offers guitar enthusiasts a series of comprehensive lessons that dive deep into various advanced guitar techniques. These lessons, presented by the highly skilled Michael Casswell, aim to enhance your playing by exploring essential concepts that will expand your musical vocabulary and technical prowess. Each lesson focuses on a specific technique, providing detailed explanations and practical applications to ensure you can incorporate them into your playing seamlessly.

Two Essential Guitar Pedals

In this lesson, Michael Casswell explores the use of two crucial guitar pedals that every guitarist should master. Pedals can significantly alter your sound, providing a range of tones and effects that can transform your playing style. Understanding how to use these pedals effectively will allow you to add texture and depth to your music, making your performances more dynamic and engaging.

Building a Run

Building a run involves creating smooth, flowing sequences of notes that add excitement and flair to your solos. Michael demonstrates how to construct these runs step-by-step, focusing on finger positioning, timing, and note selection. Mastering this technique will enhance your improvisation skills and help you create more captivating solos.

Jazz Funk Leanings

This lesson delves into the fusion of jazz and funk, offering insights into rhythm, chord progressions, and improvisation typical of this genre. Michael's approach will help you develop a groove-based playing style with intricate rhythms and sophisticated harmonic structures, essential for jazz-funk music.

Double Stop Vamping

Double stop vamping involves playing two notes simultaneously to create a fuller sound. Michael explains how to use this technique to add richness and complexity to your playing. Learning double stop vamping will improve your rhythm guitar skills, allowing you to support a band or create more interesting solo arrangements.

Rhythm Details - Vamping Continued

Building on the previous lesson, Michael continues to explore vamping techniques, focusing on rhythm details. This lesson emphasizes the importance of timing, muting, and dynamics to create a compelling rhythmic foundation. Mastering these details will enhance your overall rhythm playing, making your performances tighter and more professional.

Incorporating Slides

Slides add a smooth, gliding effect between notes, making your playing sound more fluid and expressive. Michael demonstrates various slide techniques, showing how to use them in different musical contexts. Incorporating slides into your playing will add a new dimension to your solos and melodies, making them more engaging and emotionally resonant.


Openers are the introductory phrases or licks that set the tone for a solo or song. Michael explains how to craft compelling openers that grab the listener's attention right from the start. Learning to create effective openers will make your performances more memorable and impactful.


Muting techniques are essential for controlling the sound and dynamics of your playing. Michael covers various muting methods, including palm muting and finger muting, to help you achieve a cleaner, more precise sound. Mastering muting will give you greater control over your instrument, allowing you to play with more nuance and expression.

Inverted Pedal Notes

Inverted pedal notes involve playing a repeated note (the pedal) while other notes change around it. Michael demonstrates how to use this technique to create interesting harmonic textures and build tension in your playing. Learning inverted pedal notes will add complexity and intrigue to your musical arrangements.

Octave Lines

Octave lines involve playing the same note in different octaves to create a fuller, more resonant sound. Michael shows how to incorporate octave lines into your solos and riffs, enhancing their musical impact. Mastering octave lines will make your playing sound richer and more powerful, adding depth to your music.

Performance Context

Each lesson includes a performance by Michael Casswell, showcasing the techniques in a musical context. Seeing these techniques in action helps you understand how they fit into actual songs and solos, providing a practical reference for your own playing. Watching Michael perform also offers inspiration and demonstrates the expressive potential of each technique.

Guitar Techniques Covered

By studying these lessons, you will gain a deeper understanding of advanced guitar techniques and how to apply them effectively. Michael Casswell's expert guidance ensures that you not only learn the techniques but also understand their musical context and application.

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